Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area

Location and Description

This 31,200- acre wilderness lies 55 miles west of Phoenix in western Maricopa County. The colorful escarpments of the 3,418-foot-high Sugarloaf Mountain rise steeply from the Tonopah Desert plains giving the wilderness exceptional scenic value, especially noticeable along Interstate Highway 10 south of the area. The Big Horn Mountains Wilderness lies to the southwest, separated only by a jeep trail.

Over eight miles of the eastern Big Horn Mountains cross this wilderness. The area is dominated by Sugarloaf Mountain, a landmark encircled by many lower peaks, hills, washes and bajadas. The complexity and diversity of landforms, desert vegetation and the natural beauty of this wilderness offer a wealth of recreation opportunities for visitors of all ages and abilities. Saguaro, chollas, ocotillos, paloverdes and mesquite abound. Most of the wilderness is habitat for desert bighorn sheep, mule deer and desert tortoise. Cooper's hawks, prairie falcons, golden eagles, kit foxes and Gila monsters may also be encountered.


This wilderness area is a two-hour drive from metropolitan Phoenix. It can be accessed from the south by exiting Interstate 10 at the Tonopah or Salome Road exits. The Eagle Eye Road south of Aguila provides access from the north. Dirt roads extend to the wilderness boundary from these roads and other unnamed roads nearby. Road conditions vary, and high clearance and four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended.

Nonfederal Lands

Some lands around and within the wilderness are not federally administered. Please respect the property rights of the owners and do not cross or use these lands without their permission.

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  • 1:100,000 BLM Surface Management: Salome
  • Game and Fish Management Unit 42

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"We are a great people because we have been so successful in developing and using our marvelous natural resources, but also, we Americans are the people we are largely because we have had the influence of the wilderness on our lives."
Congressman John P. Saylor, 1956