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Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness Area

Wilderness Management Plan

Location and Description

The 19,600-acre Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness straddles the Arizona-Utah border a few miles southwest of St. George, Utah. This wilderness is separated from the Paiute Wilderness to the south by Interstate 15.

The wilderness area consists of rugged mountains and gently sloping alluvial plains. Vegetation is mainly Joshua trees and desert shrubs with scattered grasses, but several rare plant species are also found in the area. The broad alluvial fans provide important habitat for desert tortoise. Notable wildlife species include desert bighorn sheep, raptors, and the endangered woundfin minnow in the Virgin River.

The area is becoming increasingly popular for primitive recreation. The eastern portion contains several miles of the Virgin River, which offers opportunities for river rafting and kayaking (during spring runoff).


From St. George, Utah, take Interstate 15, traveling southwest toward Mesquite, Nevada. After about 15 miles, look for the exit to the Cedar Pockets exit and BLM's Virgin River Campground. The dirt road, north of the Interstate is the Cedar Pockets Road, which legally passes through the wilderness area, dividing it into two units.

Nonfederal Lands

Some lands around the wilderness contain private mining claims. Please respect the property rights of the owner's equipment and structures and use care when crossing these lands.

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For more information contact: 

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"I have seen much that is beautiful, interesting, and commanding in the wild scenery of nature."
James O. Pattie, 1831