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Grand Canyon-Parashant Nat'l Monument
Cultural & Historic Resources

The public lands administered by the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument contain cultural resources that are important to our understanding of both recorded history and prehistory - the time before written history. These resources represent a priceless heritage, which should be protected for future generations.

The human legacy of the Arizona Strip is found in the archaeological and historical sites which remain. And yet, historic and prehistoric sites on the monument are largely unknown because less than ten percent of the monument has ever been surveyed. In many areas, visitors cannot take a step without finding some indication of past human life.

The monument has a history that begins more than 13,000 years ago with prehistoric Native Americans called the PaleoIndians. Remnants of the once-extensive Archaic, Puebloan (Anasazi) and Southern Paiute cultures are found on the monument. Mining activities, timber cutting and settlement by farmers and ranchers began by the 1870's. Today, ranching operations have survived the march of time.

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As more people discover the monument, vandalism increases. More survey and research is necessary to record the area's cultural history before these resources disappear completely. The BLM's cultural resources program focuses on protection of cultural resources by working actively with the Arizona Site Steward program, local universities, and proactive law enforcement.  Equally as important, the BLM provides education about cultural resources to local avocational archaeological societies and schools.

Tassi Ranch house -- thenTassi Ranch house -- now

Tassi Ranch
Then and Now

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