Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.
Photo of Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.


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Today more than 45,000 acres of rolling grasslands and woodlands in southeastern Arizona are protected under the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (NCA). The region’s oak-studded hills connect several "sky island" mountain ranges and lush riparian corridors. With its perennial flow, Cienega Creek forms the lifeblood of the NCA and supports a diverse plant and animal community. It is also rich in historic and cultural resources. The BLM has formed a partnership with the nonprofit Empire Ranch Foundation, which is dedicated to preserving the historic buildings and surrounding landscapes.



Hiking.  Camping. Watchable wildlife.  Bicycling. Horse trails.

National Conservation Area Information
  • Las Cienegas National Conservation Area 
    Establishment Act of 1999 Public Law 106-538
  • Created: December 6, 2000
  • Size: 42,000 acres of public land



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