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Release Date: 02/21/14
Contacts: Keith Hughes , 520-258-7239 ,

Two Sites within the BLM San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area Temporarily Closed Are Reopened

Tucson, Ariz. - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today announced it is reopening two sites outside Fort Huachuca and within the BLM San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (SPRNCA) closed to the public since early November 2013. The temporary closure was imposed to allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), in coordination with the BLM Tucson Field Office, to complete the remedial investigation phase of a project to identify and remove unexploded ordnance (UXO).  An informational map is available at this link.

The process began with a remedial investigation and feasibility study (RIFS) by the Corps.   The study began in November and ended in January 2014. During this period, the two formerly used defense sites (FUDS) within the SPRNCA were closed to public entry to protect the public from harm during detonation of UXO. This phase included the collection of soil samples and use of geophysics equipment to detect subsurface anomalies. Two unexploded ordnance devices were located and safely detonated on site.  A RIFS report is pending.

During the RIFS phase, every effort was made to ensure public safety. Signs were posted near the FUDS, indicating these sites were temporarily closed to public entry during the removal of UXO.

Now that the remedial investigation is complete, BLM is reopening the area to public entry. Although all known UXO has been removed from the area through the remedial investigation process, UXO may remain and future cleanup may include the location and removal of explosive residue left from open detonation or degradation of munitions.

The reopened area will be signed to caution the public that hazards may still exist because the area is a formerly used defense site.  Because UXO, whole or fragmented can be dangerous, the signs will also advise the public to report any suspicious unnatural or manmade objects seen on public lands by calling 911.  Individuals encountering UXO should move away, never touch the item, and note the location, route, landmarks, or any other features that would help authorities locate the UXO.

The BLM’s ultimate goal is to have safe unrestricted use of the SPRNCA by ensuring the removal of munitions and explosives and the mitigation of these sites in collaboration with the Department of Defense and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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