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State Office
Arizona Strip DO | Vermilion Cliffs NM | Grand Canyon-Parashant NM 
Phoenix District
Hassayampa FO |Lower Sonoran FO | Agua Fria NM | Sonoran Desert NM
Kingman FO | Yuma FO | Lake Havasu FO
Gila District
Safford FO | Tucson FO | Ironwood Forest NM | San Pedro RNCA

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Arizona State Office · One North Central Avenue, Suite 800 · Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427 · (602) 417-9200


Arizona Strip District Office · 345 East Riverside Drive · St. George, UT 84790 · (435) 688-3200

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies

Arizona Strip Field Office · 345 East Riverside Drive · St. George, UT 84790 · (435) 688-3200

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument · 345 East Riverside Drive · St. George, UT 84790 · (435) 688-3200

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-A020-2012-0004-EASUN VALLEY MINE CLOSURE WILDERNESS1/13/2012CompletedYes 1/13/2013KEN SHURTZAZ-A020-2012-0004-EA-FONSI-DR 
DOI-BLM-AZ-A020-2012-0006-DNAParagon Adventures SRPWILDERNESS2/1/2012COMPLETEDNo5/14/2012JON JASPER  
DOI-BLM-AZ-A020-2012-0007-CXHammel-California White Pocket Photography Permit 4/17/2012CompletedNo4/20/2012LAURIE FORD  

Grand Canyon- Parashant National Monument · 91 West 1470 South · St. George, UT 84770 · (435) 688-3345

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-A030-2012-0003-EASIX WILDLIFE WATER CATCHMENTS 11/10/2011COMPLETEDClosed 4/19/135/20/2013SHAWN LANGSTONAZ-A030-2012-0003-EA, FONSI & DR 

Colorado River District Office · 2610 Sweetwater Avenue · Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406 · (928) 505-1200

Kingman Field Office · 2755 Mission Blvd. · Kingman, AZ 86401 · (928) 718-3700 

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0001-CXFive Star X, LLC ROW AZA35784.    Reservation for development of wind generation facility and a temporary meteorological test tower.       PD Lands10/4/2011CX and Decision 2/13/2012Melissa PatriquinAZ-C010-2012-0001-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0002-CXFive Star XV, LLC ROW AZA 35781 Reservation for development of wind generation facility.PD Lands10/4/2011CX and Decision 2/13/2012Melissa Patriquincombined with AZ-CO10-2012-0001-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0003-CXPacific Wind Development, LLC Ammene existing authorization AZA-35336PD Lands10/4/2011Cancelled ----------Melissa Patriquin  
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0004-CXMud Springs Trash CleanupPD Lands10/6/2011CX Completed 11/9/2011Amanda DeedsAZ-C010-12-0004-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0005-CXOatman Nusiance Burro RemovalPD Lands10/11/2011CX and Decision 10/12/2011Chad BensonAZ-C010-2012-0005-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0006-DNACabelasPD Lands10/17/2011DNA and Decision 11/21/2011Melissa PatriquinAZ-C010-2012-0006-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0007-EALimestone Point Flagstone QuarryPD Lands10/18/2011EA and Decision 12/20/2011Paul MisiaszekDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0007-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0008-DNAAmendment to Dolan Springs TrailsPD Lands10/18/2011Decision and DNA 10/20/2011Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-12-0008-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0009-DNABighorn Release Hells Half Acre & Peoples CanyonPD Lands10/19/2011Decision and DNA 11/15/2011Rebecca PeckAZ-C010-12-0009-DNAArizona Game and Fish Department
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0010-CXGather of Nuciance Burros Havasu AreaPD Lands11/3/2011CX and Decision 11/3/2011Chad BensonAZ-C010-2012-0010-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0011-DNARenew BP Mohave Wind Met Tower and Wind Test Area Right-of-WayPD Lands12/1/2011Decision and DNA 12/6/2011Melissa WarrenAZ-C010-2012-0011-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0012-EAJoe Burkett/Eagle Mining Partnership Placer Mining PlanPD Lands12/1/2011EA Completed 9/6/2012Paul MisiaszekAZ-C010-2012-0012-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0014-EAKingman Field Office Oil & Gas Leasing EAPD Lands12/19/2011EA Completed 10/1/2012Paul MisiaszekAZ-C010-2012-0014-EA and unsigned FONSI 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0015-DNA2012 Wilderness Trail Re-Alignment & Maintenance_EAPD Lands1/4/2012EA Completed 3/16/2012Ramone McCoyAZ-C010-12-0015-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0016-CXMOHAVE COUNTY FLOOD CONTROL MONITORING DEVICE AZA-35531, AZA-35519,AZA-35527, AZA35521PD Lands1/5/2012CX and Decision 5/2/2012MELISSSA PATRIQUINAZ-C010-2012-0016-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0017-DNA2012 Mount Nutt Secret Pass Equestrian AccessPD Lands1/11/2012DNA Completed 3/14/2012Ramone McCoyAZ-C010-12-0017-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0018-CXAssignment of communications uses leases AZA 22683, AZA 30115, AZA 30116 from JIM Vine to Global Tower PartnersPD Lands1/12/2012CX and Decision 8/14/2012Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-2012-0018-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0019-cxRenew Nevada Red Gravel's right-of-way for mineral material stockpiling and loading areaPD Lands1/12/2012CX Completed 2/23/2012Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-12-0019-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-20-EAROW for Ditch AZA 34477PD Lands11/8/2011EA Complete 6/25/2012     7/16/2012MELISSSA PATRIQUINDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-20-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-21-CXFence construction around Historic Hualapai cemeteries in Golden ValleyPD Lands1/23/2012CX Completed 2/12/2013Tim WatkinsAZ-C010-12-21-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-22-CXPipeline Allotment Transfer PD Lands1/30/2012CX and Decision 8/8/2012Mike BlantonAZ-C010-2012-0022-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-23-CXAmendment to UNS fiber optic line authorized under an amendment to AZAR 33296PD Lands2/10/2012Cancelled ----------Andy Whitefield  
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-24-DNAEl Paso Natural Gas Temporary Use PermitPD Lands7/5/2011DNA and Decision 2/16/2012Melissa PatriquinAZ-C010-2012-24-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-25-EACFRA - Castle Rock Connector TrailPD Lands & City of Kingman Lands2/13/2012EA and Decision 5/11/2012Amanda DeedsDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-25-EACity of Kingman
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-26-EARange Improvement Permit for Corral on Mud Springs AllotmentPD Lands1/4/2012EA in Progress  Ammon Wilhelm None
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-27-EAIssue 2 communications use leases on North Gets PeakPD Lands2/21/2012EA in Progress  Andy Whitefield  
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-28-EARenew authorizations for Communications facilities at Potato Patch II (BNSF) and South Getz Peak (Tucson Electric Power)PD Lands2/21/2012EA/ FONSI/ DR 8/10/2012Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-2012-28-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-29-CXNusance Burro Removal McAlister BMHMA Private land2/23/2012CX and Decision 2/24/2012Chad BensonAZ-C010-12-29-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-30-CXRange Study ExclosuresPD Lands3/8/2012CX and Decision 6/21/2012Ammon WilhelmAZ-C010-2012-30-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-31-CXHeadless well Riparian ExclosuresPD Lands3/8/2012CX complete 3/14/2012Ammon WilhelmAZ-C010-12-0031-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-32-CXMohave County ROW for Sant Maria Rd.PD Lands3/13/2012CX Complete 4/16/2012Melissa PatriquinDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-32-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0033-CXCattleguard installation in Black MountainsPD Lands3/19/2012CX and Decision 8/10/2012Ammon WilhelmAZ-C010-2012-0033-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0034-CXSudden Link Row for cable PD Lands4/2/2012CX complete 8/10/2012Melissa PatriquinDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0034-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0035-CXAbandoned Mine BackfillsPD Lands4/5/2012CX Complete 5/9/2012Paul MisiaszekAZ-C010-2012-0035-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0036-CXOatman Nusiance Burro RemovalPD Lands4/9/2012CX Complete 4/12/2012Chad BensonAZ-C010-2012-0036-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0037-EASpecial Recreation Permit for Grand Canyon Backcountry ToursPD Lands4/25/2012Cancelled cancelledAmanda Deeds  
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0038-DNAFreeport McMoran Bagdad Copper & Gold Plan IX Heap Leach Stockpile and South Waste Rock Disposal Facility ModificationPD Lands2/2/2011DNA and Decision 11/20/2012Paul MisiaszekAZ-C010-2012-0038-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0039-DNATwenty-six Wash Trailhead Kiosk and Visitor Register InstallationPD Lands5/9/2012DNA Completed 5/29/2012Ramone McCoyDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0039-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0040-DNAHualapai Mountain Rd. Ramada Kiosk Installation and Trash CleanupPD Lands5/17/2012DNA Complete 5/22/2012Amanda DeedsDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0040-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0041-DNABlack Mountain, Desert Bighorn Sheep Capture and ReleasePD Lands5/17/2012DNA and Decision 8/10/2012Rebecca PeckAZ-C010-2012-0041-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0042-EAAmendment to right-of-way AZA 31567 for additional electric line.PD Lands6/4/2012Cancelled cancelledAndy Whitefield  
DOI-BLM-AZ-CO10-2012-0043-EAAmendment to right-of-way AZA 32288 for realignment of electric line.PD Lands6/4/2012EA Complete 1/15/2013Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-2012-0043-EA  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0044-EAMusic Mountain Fuels Treatment ProjectPD Lands6/5/2012EA in Progress  Wade Reaves  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0045-CXAmendment to Davis-Kingman 69kV line for access roadPD Lands6/8/2012CX Complete 6/14/2012Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-2012-0045-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0046-CXAmendment to Pacific Wind Wind Test Area r-o-w AZA 35336PD Lands6/18/2012CX Complete 6/25/2012Andy WhitefieldAZ-C010-2012-0046-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0047-CXLeopard Frog Survey Poachie MtnsPD Lands7/10/2012Cancelled ----------Rebecca Peck  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0048-CXNussiance burro removal Katherines landingPD Lands8/8/2012CX and Decision 8/10/2012Chad BensonAZ-C010-2012-0048-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0049-DNADouble H Outfitters, Bighorn Sheep Hunt SRPPD Lands8/14/2012DNA Complete 9/6/2012Amanda DeedsDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0049-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0050-DNASpecial Recreation Permit for Black Mountain OutfittersPD Lands8/14/2012Decision and DNA 8/21/2012Len MarceauDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0050-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0051-DNASpecial Recreation Permit for Colburn & Scott OutfittersPD Lands8/14/2012DNA Complete 10/16/2012Ramone McCoyDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0051-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0052-EASpecial Recreation Permit for Rocky River Adventure CenterPD Lands8/20/2012EA and Decision 1/15/2013Amanda DeedsAZ-C010-2012-0052-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0053-DNASpecial Recreation Permit for Starr Guide ServicePD Lands8/20/2012DNA Complete 10/16/2012Ramone McCoyDOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0053-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0054-EAROW for Hualapai Pit(Mohave County)PD Lands8/21/2012EA in Progress  Melissa Patriquin  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C010-2012-0055-EA Mining Plan of Operations for Sierra Resource Group, Inc.'s Chloride Copper Mine PD Lands7/27/2012EA in Progresscomment period closes 01/24/14 Buzz ToddAZ-C010-2012-0055-EA 

Yuma Field Office · 7341 E. 30th Street · Yuma, AZ 85365 · (928) 317-3200

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0001-CXAZGFD POD Update (AZA 22715) and APS Amendment )AZA 32924)PD Land CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0002-CXDesert Storm Rally Additional SitePD Land CX Cancelled  Joe Raffaele  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0003-CXLa Paz County Pipeline Road Renewal (AZA 24957)PD Land CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0004-CXLa Paz County Pipeline Road Renewal (AZA 24957)PD Land CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0005-CXSCE Amendment on Big Maria (CAAZRI 0185701)PD Land CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0005-CXSCE Amendment on Big Maria (CAAZRI 0185701)PD Land CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0007-CXLa Paz County Vegetation Clearing at the Cibola Lagoon AreaPD Land CX completed  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0007-CXLa Paz County Vegetation Clearing at the Cibola Lagoon AreaPD Land CX completed  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0008-Installation of two Informational Kiosks on West County 19th StreetPD Land CX completed  John Bo Handy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0009-CXAPS Communications Use Facility at Telegraph Peak (AZA 35696)PD Land CX completed  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0010-CXAPS Solar Facility on Quartzsite School R&PP LeasePD Land CX Completed  Vanessa Briceño  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0011- EAWild Burro Reduction Cibola-Trigo Herd Management AreaPD Land EA Completed  John Hall  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0012-CXWireless Infrastructure Services at Big Maria (CACA 53198)PD Land CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0013-CXAPS Short-Term ROW at Telegraph PeakPD Land CX completed  Arturo Lopez  
(AZA 3569601)  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0014-CXNPG Cable Inc. Assignment at Cunningham MountainPD Land CX completed  Arturo Lopez  
(AZA 6487)  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0015-CX3 C’s Site Cleanup and Occupancy RemovalPD Land CX completed  Buzz  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020 -2012-0016-CXBard Burro Nuisance GatherPD and Tribal Land CX completed  John Hall  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0017-CXHarvey’s Fishing Hole PermitsPD Land CX Completed  Vanessa Briceño  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0018-Dripping Spring Route Barrier and Trespass Route RestorationPD Land CX completed  Michael Pittman  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0019-CXInstallment of Informational Kiosk and Trail Maintainence at Telegraph PassPD Land CX completed  Andrew Steier  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020 -2012-0020-CXDome Valley Burro Nuisance GatherPrivate Land CX completed  John Hall  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020 -2012-0021-CXCabellaros De Yuma River RunPD CX Completed  Joe Raffaele  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0022-EAYuma Field Office Administration BuildingPD EA in Progress  Thomas Jones  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0023-CXBurro Bait Trapping at Laguna Airfield, AZDOD Land CX completed  John Hall  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0024-CXBLM Commsite at Cunningham Mountain (AZA 35985)PD CX Completed  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0025Trigo Mountain Wilderness - Imperial Refuge Wilderness Cooperative Wilderness Management PlanPD & EA completed  Ron Morfin  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0026-CXInvasive Species Thinning between YPG and Hidden Shores (temp. title)  CX in Progress  Lindsey J. Moody, Erica Stewart  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0027-DNANorth Limitrophe Fuel Breaks  DNA Complete  Erica Stewart  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0028-CXHidden Shores KiosksPD lands CX completed  Dave Olszewski  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0029-CXStanwix Station Project/KioskPD lands CX in progress  Dave Olszewski  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-30Quartzsite Trail RidesPD CX completed  Joe Raffaele  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0031-CXAPS Existing 12kV El Paso Pump Station ROWPD Land CX in progress  APS Team  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0032-CXAPS Existing 12kV Centennial Farms ROWPD Land CX in progress  APS Team  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0033-CXLa Paz County Roads (Hovatter Road AZA 35697, AT&T Frontage Road AZA 34627, and 51st from AT&T Frontage Road AZA 34628)PD Lands Cx in progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0034-CXLa Paz County Roads (AZA 3571401PD Lands CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
AZA 3571404  
AZA 3571408  
AZA 3571410  
AZA 3571411  
AZA 3571417  
AZA 3571419)  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0035-CXCommsite Management Plans (Black Rock Hill, Mohawk Pass, Laguna Mountain, Salome)PD Lands CX in Progress  Arturo Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C020-2012-0036-EAMittry South Expansion  EA in progress  Erica Stewart  

Lake Havasu Field Office · 2610 Sweetwater Avenue · Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406 · (928) 505-1200

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0001-EAAZA 01421 Antenna Sites - Tower AmendmentSmith Peak - T. 8 N., R. 11 W. sec. 110/3/2011Completed 10/31/2011S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0002EASwift Creek Outfitters (SARA Park Horseback Rentals) SRPSARA Park; Aubrey Hills; T.13N., R. 20 W. sec. 28-3310/3/2011Completed 1/19/2012M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0003DNAPolaris Industries Media event; SRPParker 250 course; Shea Road Spectator area;T. 9N., R19W., sec. 710/5/2011Completed 12/22/2012M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0004-CXAZA 35794 El Paso Natural GasPartial Assignment of SWG AZA 4545 & aza 31030; T. 18 N. R. 21 W. sec. 1710/26/2011Completed 10/31/2011S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0005-EAAZA 35633 - La Paz County Public Works - Salome PitT4N, R12W, sec. 1311/1/2011In Process  A Dodson  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0006-EAAZA 35615 - La Paz County Public Works - Vicksburg PitT5N, R14W, sec. 2011/1/2011In Process  A Dodson  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0007-DNADSM Event -Havasu Classic T. 12 N. R. 20 W., section 1011/7/2011Completed 11/30/2011Paul S. Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0008-CXMohave Electric CoopT. 20 N. R. 22 W., Sec 2011/21/2011Completed 11/22/2011S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0009-DNAHavasu Pocket CrusiersT. 13 N. R. 20 W., Sec 8&911/21/2011Completed 11/30/2011Paul S. Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0010-CXHavasu Foothills Estates, Inc.T. 15 N., R. 20 W. Sec 111/21/2011Completed 11/29/2011S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0011-CXSouthwest Gas RenewalT. 20 N. R. 22 W., Sec 2011/23/2011Completed 12/20/2011S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0012-DNAPROPAT.13N. R.20W.Sec8,9,16,1711/25/2011Completed 11/30/2011Paul S. Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0013-DNASunrise Rotary Club Poker Run SRP;030-2932-10-07T.13N.R.18W. Sec 5 &6;Standard&West Mohave Washes11/25/2011Completed 12/2/2011M. McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0014-CXUnisource Renewal - N of LHCT. 15 N., R. 20 W. Sec 1, 10,11,1212/5/2011Completed 12/20/2011S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0015-CXSouthwestern Telephone - renewal     AZA 16483, AZA 19302La Paz Co. - various12/6/2011Completed 4/20/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0016-CXPhillips Excavating - CACA 53236 - Mineral Material ContractT9N, R22E, sec 24 - Needles12/6/2011Completed 12/16/2011A Dodson  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0017-DNAWhettrod PWC RentalsLondon Bridge Beach12/8/2011Completed  Paul S Hoyt 2nd year of a 5 year SRP
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0018-DNAWater Jetpack AdventuresT12N,R.20W,sec. 2312/8/2011Completed  Paul S. Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0019-DNALucas Oil Filming of 250-425 RacesVarious - Parker 400 course12/16/2011Completed 2/1/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0020-CXBecker LLC - assignmentT. 13 N. R. 19 W., Sec. 351/3/2012Completed 1/9/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0021-CXROW RenewalT20NR22W Sec 20 In Process  M Rosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0022-CXPhillips Excavating - CACA 53127 - Mineral Material Exploration PermitT9N, R22E, sec 24 - Needles1/7/2012In Process  A Dodson  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0023-CXCitizens Utilities Rural - Renewal AZA 16775Various - SARA Park to Cattail1/24/2012Completed 4/5/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0024-DNAMcMullen Valley CoC Poker RunSalome/Centennial Park - T. 12N., R. 12W., sec 1910/13/2011In Process 2/18/2012M McCoy 3rd of 3 year SRP
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2011-0025-DNASt Pat's Day Poker Run SRPShea Rd-Osborne Wash: T. 9N., R. 19W., sec 111/4/2011In Process 3/17/2012M McCoy La Paz County Sheriff Office
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0026-EAParker 4 Wheelers Poker Run SRPCienega Springs Road12/4/2012In Process 3/31/2012M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0027-EASidewinders 4 Wheelers Poker Run SRPStandard Wash 1/3/2012In Process 3/17/2012M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0028-EARitchie Hudson Advent Tours SRPStandard Wash/Dutch Flats12/23/2012In Process 4/1/2012M McCoy Coordinate with KFO
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0029-DNAExpresso to the RescueSouth of the Island to Havasu Springs and north of the Island to the River mouth2/6/2012Cancelled  Paul Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0030-DNAParker Soroptomists Poker RunShea Rd-Osborne Wash: T. 9N., R. 19W., sec 11/27/2012Completed 4/7/2012M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0031-CXLovett ApiariesT. 12 N., R. 18 W. sec. 203/27/2012Completed 4/12/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0032-CXTioga Solar ROW @ LaPaz PWT.8N., R.19W., sec 22           3/29/2012In Process  L. Stapp  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0033-CXTioga Solar ROW @ LaPaz GCT.10N., R.19W., sec 123/29/2012In Process  L. Stapp  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0034-CXSouthern CA Edison, Short term ROWT2N, R27E, sec. 17, Parker Dam4/2/2012Completed 4/20/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0035-CXCommnet Four Corners LLCComm site at Smith Peak4/2/2012Completed 4/20/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0036-DNAISJBA World Finals;anchorsT.13N.,R.20W.,Section 9Gila and Salt RiverMeridian4/12/2012in process  Paul Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0037-DNA9th Annaul Mark Hahn Memorial;anchorsT.,13N.,R.20 W,sections 5-9,16&17Gila and Salt River Meridian T.,5,R.25,Sections 29-32, San Bernardino Meridian,Calif4/12/2012in Process  Paul Hoyt  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0038-DNAWindsor State Beach Handicap RampWindsor south ramp4/19/2012Completed 4/30/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0039-CXVerizon Assignment to FrontierCA side-Parker Strip4/23/2012Completed 5/9/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0040-CXVerizon Assignment to FrontierCA side-Rock House4/23/2012Completed 5/10/2012s Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0041-CXVerizon Assignment to FrontierAZ side - Parker Dam6/5/2012completed 6/19/2012S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0042-CXVerizon Assignment to FrontierAZ side - Cienega Area6/5/2012   S Ahrens  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0043-EALHC Convention Visitors Bureau/guided hikesSARA Park; Aubrey Hills; T.13N., R. 19 W. sec. 28-33 in process  M McCoy LHC Parks & Rec
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0044-DNASwift Creek Outfitters (SARA Park Horseback Rentals)SARA Park; Aubrey Hills; T.13N., R. 19 W. sec. 28-335/9/2012" "  M McCoy LHC Parks & Rec
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0045-DNALHC Chamber/Sunrise Rotary poker runT.13N.R.18W. Sec 5 &6;Standard&West Mohave Washes6/20/2012" "  M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0046-DNA2 Wheel Events LLC;mountain bike raceSARA Park; Aubrey Hills; T.13N., R. 19 W. sec. 28-336/25/2012" "  M McCoy LHC Parks & Rec
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0047-DNALHC Friends of the Fair;5k mud runSARA Park; T.13N., R. 19 W. sec. 20-216/25/2012" "  M McCoy LHC Parks & Rec
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0048-DNALake Racer LLC;anchorsT.13N. R.20W.Sec8,9,16,176/19/2012" "  M McCoy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0049-CXCitizens ROW AZA 11890 RenewalNorth of LHC, from Franconia exit to ADOT weight station off I-40.7/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0050-CXCitizens ROW AZA 31143 RenewalT. 20 N., R. 22 W., sec. 307/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0051-CXCitizens ROW AZA 31908 RenewalT. 17 N., R. 21 W., sec. 7&187/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0052-CXSWTC ROW AZA 14908 Renewal T20N.,R21W., sec. 307/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0053-CXMohave Co AZAR 35725A Renewal 7/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0054-CXBHC AZA 2117001 RenewalT20N., R22W., Sec.207/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0055-CXBHC AZA 21090 RenewalT.20N., R. 21W., Sec 187/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0056-CXBHC ROWAZA 25236 RenewalT. 19&20 N., R. 22 W.,7/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0057-CXCity of Needles ROW CAAZCA 29843 RenewalT. 9 N., R. 23 E. sec. 297/1/2012   mrosalez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0058-EAAZA 22828 Colorado River Nature Center Fire Break and Flood Control ImprovementsT. 19N, R. 22W, Section 107/23/2012   D Adams  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0059Harcuvar Mtn Wilderness ResearchHarcuvar Mountain Wilderness Area8/7/2012   J House  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0060-DNAEnclosed Storage FacilitiesRiverland Resort8/15/2012Completed 9/27/2012C. Bodman  
DOI-BLM-AZ-C030-2012-0061-CXWAPA Short term ROW CACA 53890T. 2 N., R. 27 E., sec 179/24/2012Completed 11/19/2012L. Stapp  

Gila District Office · 1763 Paseo San Luis · Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 · (520) 439-6400

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-G000-2012-0001-CXJaguar Survey and Monitoringsouthern portion of Gila District11/7/2011PendingNA Marcia Radke  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G000-2012-0002-EAGila District CWPP/WUI Hazardous Fuels ReductionGila District9/21/2012EA IN PROGRESS  Dan Quintana  

Safford Field Office · 711 14th Avenue · Safford, AZ 85546 · (928) 348-4400 

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0001-EAIvanhoe and Cement Canyon Boundary FenceDos Cabezas10/24/11EA in ProgressScoping 1/20-2/3Proposed Decision March 20, 2012Gwen Dominguez/R.J. Estes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0002-EAOil and gas leasingPD10/25/11EA Cancelled 2/15/12Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0003-DNADieringer OutfittersPD11/14/11DNA Complete 12/7/11Deborah Morris  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0004-CXVan Gausig Allotment TransferSafford Field Office11/14/11CX in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0005-EABrowning Ranch RamadaMule Shoe11/15/11EA Complete 2/6/12Dan McGrew  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0006-EABLM Guthrie Peak Comm SiteSafford Field Office11/18/11EA Complete 2/2/12Ron Peru  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0007-EAMining Plan of Operations from St. Cloud Mining for developing their two zeolite pits AZA 35700PD11/25/11EA Complete 2/23/12Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0008-EAMining Plan of Operations from Commonwealth Gold & Silver for exploratory drilling east of Pearce AZA35787PD12/2/11EA Complete 2/7/12Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0009-CXValley Telecom Telephone Line Renewal Aravaipa/Klondyke12/8/11CX Complete 5/15/12Ron Peru  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0010-DNANational Outdoor Leadership School PD12/12/11DNA Complete 1/23/12Deborah Morris  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0011-DNAErodium cictarium (Redstem Filaree) Research SitePD-Portal, Az1/3/12DNA Cancelled  Gwen Dominguez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0012-CXLittle Reservoir Allotment TransferSFO1/11/12CX Complete 2/3/12Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0013-CXFilming of fossil excavation by the BBCPD off Artesia Road1/30/12CX Complete 3/12/12Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0014-CXGraham Co. Electric Coop Renewal Gas Line to Az State Prison Complex-SaffordSFO2/1/12CX Complete 5/30/12Joan Galanis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0015-CXAshurst Allotment TransferPD2/3/12CX in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0016-CXStockton Pass Allotmen TransferPD2/3/12CX in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0017-CXDisgen Marcou Mesa, LLC. Transmission LinePD NE of Joseph City, Az2/8/12CX Complete 3/20/12Ron Peru  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0018-CXHYL Allotment TransferPD2/21/12CX Complete 4/20/12RJ Estes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0019-CX99/Day Mine Allotment TransferPD2/21/12CX Complete 4/20/12RJ EStes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0020-CXAravaipa/Aravaipa South TransferPD2/21/12CX Complete 4/20/12RJ EStes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0021-EAGoat Camp WellPD3/5/12EA in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0022-EATwin C Permit EAPD3/12/12EA in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0023-EASpenazuma Permit RenewalPD3/12/12EA in Progress  Gwen Dominguez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0024-EATurtle Mtn CCPI EAPD4/1/12EA in Progress  Amy Humphrey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0025-CXSheldon Mountain Allotment TransferPD4/4/12CX in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0026-CXGraham Co. Electric Coop Electric Line Conversion to FLPMAPD4/12/12CX in Progress  Joan Galanis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0027-CXArizona Department of Water ResourcesPD4/18/12CX Complete 6/1/12Joan Galanis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0028-DNATom Springs Permit RenewalPD4/20/12DNA in Progress  RJ Estes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0029-EAQwest renewal/amendment/relinquishment comm cablePD4/25/12EA in Progress  Joan Galanis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0030-EAWillis CCPI (Revised)PD5/7/12EA in Progress  Joan Galanis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0031-EAEAARS - Radio RepeaterPD5/7/12EA in Progress  Roberta Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0032-EAExcelsior's Mining Plan for Exploratory DrillingPD5/8/12EA in Progress  Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0033-EABlack Rock Permit RenewalPD5/10/12EA in Progress  Gwen Dominguez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0034-EAVanar Permit RenewalPD5/21/12EA in Progress  Gwen Dominguez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0035-EALone Star Permit RenewalPD5/21/12EA in Progress  Gwen Dominguez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0036-CXSulpher Springs Cooperative RenewalPD5/14/12CX in Progress  Roberta Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0037-DNAWhite Springs Permit RenewalPD5/14/12DNA in Progress  Jeff Conn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0038-CXTom and Susan Vore Road RenewalPD5/14/12CX in Progress  Roberta Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0039-EAMidway Permit RenewalSFO5/16/12EA in Progress  Christopher Morris  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0040-CXTalley Wash Permit RenewalSFO5/16/12CX in Progress  Christopher Morris  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0041-CXEl Paso Natural Gas RenewalPD5/18/12CX in Progress  Roberta Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0042-EAWashboard Wash Permit RenewalPD5/29/12EA in Progress  Jeff Conn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0043-EAHorse Mountain Permit RenewalPD5/29/12EA in Progress  Jeff Conn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0044-EAGreenlee County Communications Site on Guthrie PeakPD6/1/12EA in Progress  Joan Galanis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0045-CXAPS Transmission Line RenewalPD6/1/12CX in Progress  Roberta Lopez  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0046-DNAPonderosa OutfittersPD6/12/12DNA in Progress  Deborah Morris  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0047-CXLittle Doubtful Allotment TransferPD5/29/12CX Complete 6/27/12Amy Humphrey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0048-DNANature Treks and PassagesPD6/26/12DNA in progress  Deborah Morris  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0049-EACreosote RenewalPD7/6/12EA in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0050-DNAMusk Hog Permit RenewalPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Amy Humphrey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0051-DNACedar Spring Permit RenewalPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Amy Humphrey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0052-DNAWhite House Permit RenewalPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0053-DNAEast SpearPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0054-DNAWest SpearPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0055-DNATwin C Permit RenewalPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0056-DNAAsh Peak Permit RenewalPD7/10/12DNA in progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0057-DNAMunson CienegaPD7/10/12DNA in Progress  Dave Arthun  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0058-CX Navapache PowerlinePD NE of St. Johns, Az8/7/12CX Complete 8/13/12Ron Peru  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0059-EALetcher's Mining Plan of Operations for Zeolite MinePD north of Bowie8/13/12EA in Progress  Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0060-CXDuncan Valley Electric CoopPD8/20/12CX Complete 9/5/2012Ron Peru  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0061-CXFree-Use Permit to Graham Co. for sand and gravel from the Butler Wash sitePD9/4/12CX in Progress  Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0062-CXFree-Use Permit to Graham Co. for sand and gravel from the Tidwell Wash site.PD9/4/12CX in Progress  Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0063-CXFree-Use Permit to Graham Co. for sand and gravel from the Old Klondyke Road site.PD9/4/12CX in Progress  Larry Thrasher  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G010-2012-0064-DNAHandcart TrekPD9/11/12DNA in Progress  Deborah Morris  

Tucson Field Office · 3201 E. Universal Way · Tucson, AZ 85756 · (520) 258-7200

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0001-CXRenewal of ROW AZA 017317 for a 7.2/12.5 kV Elec. Dist. LineTFO & San Pedro10/3/2011   Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0002-EASawtooth vehicle barriers and cleanupIFNM10/4/2011Project cancelled  Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0003-EAMt. Bruce Grazing LeaseLas Cienegas NCA9/1/2011Completed 10/17/2011Kristen DuarteEA & unsigned FONSI 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0004-EASheep Wash WaterTFO 10/3/2011EA in progress  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0005-EA10 ROW's for San Carlos Irrigation existing 12.5 kV powerlinesTFO10/14/2011Completed 4/2/2012Linda Dunlavey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0006-CXRenewal of ROW AZA 013980 for Tetakusim RoadTFO10/17/2011Completed 10/20/2011Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0007-CXRenewal of ROW AZA 013954 for San Joaquin Rd.TFO10/17/2011Completed 10/20/2011Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0008-CXRenewal of ROW AZA 016827 for Ocotillo RoadTFO10/17/2011Completed 10/20/2011Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0009-CXRenewal of ROW AZA 12451 for Hayden Comm. SiteTFO10/17/2011Completed 12/1/2011Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0010-CXDemolition of Cienega HouseLCNCA10/24/2011Completed 10/31/2011JJ SwiftCX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0011-CXDemolition of Rosetree ComplexLCNCA10/24/2011Completed 10/31/2011JJ SwiftCX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0012-DNAArizona National Scenic Trail Kelvin RealignmentTFO11/9/2011IN PROGRESS  FMENDOZA  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0014Knob Hill Gila River fence rebuildTFO11/15/2011IN PROGRESS  Kristen Duarte  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0015Abandoned Mine Land Remediation ProjectsTFO11/29/2011Completed  Keith Hughes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0016-CXRenewal of Expiring Right-of-way AZA 017793 for Tucson Water DepartmentTFO12/5/2011Completed 12/8/2011Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0017-CXRenewal of Expiring Right-of-way AZA 017845 for Pima County Real PropertyTFO12/5/2011IN PROGRESS 12/8/2011Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0018-EATFO Programmatic Vegetation TreatmentTFO7/1/1905EA Complete6-22-2012/7-7-23-2012 Darrell TerseyAZ-G020-12-0018-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0019-CXMule Mountain Communication Site RenewalSan Pedro12/19/2011IN PROGRESS  Sandy Loomis  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0020-EAHelvetia Water ImprovementsTFO12/12/2011EA in progress  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0021-CXBaldwin Saginaw Mineral Materials SaleTFO1/9/2012CX Completed 2/6/2012Daniel MooreCX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0022-DNALCNCA Tamarisk ControlLCNCA1/9/2012Completed  Marcia Radke  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0023-CXMineral Mountain javalina releaseTFO1/10/2012Completed 1/23/2012Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0024-DNAVegetative Material Permit for Traditional UseLCNCA11/1/2011Completed 1/30/2012Catie Fenn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0025-DNALCNCA Turkey AugmentationLCNCA2/1/2012completed  Karen Simms  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0026-CXInstallation of cattle guards, IFNM 2012IFNM2/6/2012Completed 5/1/2012Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0027-CXCopper Duke Bat GatesTFO2/6/2012CX Completed 2/15/2012Keith Hughes  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0028-CXBach 5204 Allotment transferTFO2/29/2012CX Completed  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0030-CXPower Line Cattle GuardSPRNCA3/5/2012CX Completed  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0032-CXWildlife Fencing at 4 locations LCNCALCNCA3/5/2012Completed  Jeff Simms  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0034-CXDeep Well 6211 Allotment TransferTFO3/8/2012CX Completed  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0035-CXMartinez Building Removal and GateTFO3/8/2012Completed 3/12/2012FMENDOZA  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0038-DNAYucca Ash Fuel BreakTFO4/23/2012IN PROGRESS  Drew Atkinson  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0039-DNAApache ATV Tour SRP RenewalLCNCA5/2/2012Completed 5/14/2012Catie Fenn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0040-DNASPRNCA FUDS MRS ReconnaissanceSPRNCA5/7/2012CX Completed 6/11/2012Marcia Radke  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0041-CXHERMOSA TOURS SRPTFO5/7/2012Completed 5/7/2012FMENDOZA  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0042-CXSPRNCA Palominas Wildlife Water Storage Tank and DrinkerSPRNCA 5/22/2012IN PROGRESS  Marcia Radke  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0043-CXAZA-35965 Trico Electric (Lawrence Park)TFO5/25/2012Completed 6/4/2012Linda Dunlavey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0044-CXAZA-35966 City of Tucson Water line (Lawrence Park)TFO5/25/2012Completed 6/4/2012Linda Dunlavey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0045-CXDesert botanical Garden Agave research IFNMIFNM6/1/2012NEPA cancelled, administrative action  Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0046-EAMoore Canyon Allotment (#6199) Permit RenewalTFO6/4/2012In Progress6/7/2013-7/6/13 Marcia RadkeDOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0046-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0047-CXIFNM-SDNM Range RiderIFNM / SDNM6/4/2012Cancelled  Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0049-CXArchaeological Condition Assessment for Murray SpringsSPRNCA6/7/122IN PROGRESS  Amy Sobiech  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0050-CXInstall Gate at Cieneguita Prairie Dog site on LCNCALCNCA6/12/2012CX in progress  Karen Simms  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0051-EALCNCA Prescribed FireLCNCA6/25/2012EA in progress  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0052-CXEmpire CattleguardLCNCA6/26/2012CX in progress  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0053-DNAFairbank Electrical UpgradeSPRNCA6/28/2012DNA in progress  Chris Schrager  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0054-CXEl PasoLine Replacement AZA-31031-01 Temporary ROW GrantTFO5/29/2012Completed 7/13/2012Linda Dunlavey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0055-CXSilver Bell Peak Wildlife Water redevelopmentIFNM7/9/2012Completed 9/18/2012Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0056-DNAArizona Antelope Foundation SRPLCNCA7/12/2012IN PROGRESS  Catie Fenn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0057-EAMAG - Picacho Pit Mineral Material SaleTFO7/16/2012Completed 6/3/2013Daniel MooreDOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0057-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0058-CXKingston Ranch NPS AZA-35987 ROWTFO7/20/2012Completed 7/23/3012Linda Dunlavey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0059-DNATree House Mt. Bike Race SRPLCNCA7/20/2012IN PROGRESS  Catie Fenn  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0060-CXIFNM cattleguard 2012IFNM7/27/2012Cancelled  Darrell Tersey  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0061-DNAGreat American AdventuresSPRNCA7/31/2012COMPLETED 10/4/2012Jim Mahoney  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0062-EAAnvil WellTFO8/1/2012EA in progress  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0063-DNALCNCA Cottonwood Tanks RevegetationLCNCA8/13/2012Completed  Amy Markstein  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0064-EABattle Axe CRMPTFO8/14/2012EA in progress  Eric Baker  
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0065-EAUnisource 138kV Vail-ValenciaTFO9.13.2012IN PROGRESS  Susan Bernal
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0066-CXPima County Wilmot RdTFO9.13.2012IN PROGRESS  Susan Bernal
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0067-CXCrown Castle - Newman Peak Communication Site renewalTFO9.13.2012IN PROGRESS  Susan Bernal
DOI-BLM-AZ-G020-2012-0068-CXLCNCA Davis Well Wildlife WaterTFO9/24/2012IN PROGRESSMarcia Radke

Ironwood Forest National Monument * 12661 East Broadway * Tucson, AZ 85748 * Phone Number (520) 258-7200


San Pedro RNCA · 1763 Paseo San Luis · Sierra Vista, AZ  85635-4611 · (520) 439-6400


Phoenix District Office · 21605 North 7th Avenue · Phoenix, AZ 85027 · (623) 580-5500

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-001-DNAArizona Jeep Tours Special Recreation Permit(s) throughout PDOMargie's Cove, Gila Bend Mountains, Castle Hot Springs Road, Cedar Basin Road10/14/2011DNA Completedn/a3/12/2012Jack RagsdaleDOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-001-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-002-CXCommunications Site RenewalT4S, R9W, S253/6/2012CX Canceled n/a Ben ParsonsCX Canceled  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-003-DNAPalo Verde Hub to Sun Valley Substation 500 kV Transmission Line – Grant Amendment - T1S, R6W Sec. 43/6/2012DNA Completedn/a7/18/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-003-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-004-DNAAPS Palo Verde to Sun Valley hub 500kV temporary work area permitT2N, R8W, S2, T3N, R6W, S153/16/2012DNA Completedn/a7/18/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P000-2012-004-DNA 

Hassayampa Field Office · 21605 North 7th Avenue · Phoenix, AZ 85027 · (623) 580-5500 

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-001-CXRenewal of a communication site right-of-wayT3N, R3W, S289/19/2011CX Cancelled (see DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2011-055-CX) n/aHillary Connersee: DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2011-055-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-002-CXAZ Trail RaceBlack Canyon Trail between Table Mesa Road and Black Canyon City9/29/2011CX Completed 3/21/2012Mary SkordinskyDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-002-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-003-CXROW assignmentT10N, R6W, S23, Lost 18, 199/27/2011CX Completed 11/28/2011Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-003-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-004-CXArizona Trail Rider Dual Sport and Adventurenear Wickenburg10/27/2011CX in progress  Mary Skordinsky  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-005-CXFederal Water Right acquisition project - gauging stationsAFNM - Agua Fria River and Sycamore Creek, T11N, R3E10/21/2011CX Completed 11/4/2011Paul SitzmannDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-005-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-006-CXRenewal - Temporary Use Permit for Solar Monitoring -- Big HornT3N, R10W, S 1410/31/2011CX Completed 12/15/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-006-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-007-CXRenewal - Temporary Use Permit for Solar Monitoring -- Horizon Wind Energy LLCHassayampa Field Office10/31/2011CX Completed 12/15/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-007-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-008-DNA3809 Notice & Occupancy, Bloody Basin Mining & DevelopmentT8N, R3W, S41/27/2012DNA In progress  Dave Eddy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-009-DNAKilauea Crushers Picacho Operation Mineral Materials ContractT7N, R2W, S 21, 28, 331/12/2012DNA In progress  Dave Eddy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-010-EAHassayampa Field Office Oil and Gas Leasing EA 1/15/2012EA CompletedComment Period 09-10-12 through 10-07-12. Please send comments to kconrath@blm.gov Karen ConrathDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-010-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-011-CXWhiplash OHV RaceBoulders OHV Recreation area1/15/2012CX Completed 1/25/2012Mary SkordinskyDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-011-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-012-CXROW assignmentT. 12 N., R. 1 E., Section 23, S½SW¼SE¼ G&SR Meridian, Yavapai County, Arizona 2/1/2012CX Completed  Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-012-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-013-CXPowerline ROW -- 300 feet access to private parcelT9N, R4W, S5,6,83/12/2012CX Completed 6/14/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-013-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-014-CXRoad ROWT9N, R4W, S5,6,83/12/2012CX Completed 6/14/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-014-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-015-EABlack Canyon Trail Copper Mountain LoopT. 12 N., R. 3 E. Sections 19, 20, 21, 28, 30, 31, 32, and 33 1/1/2012EA CompletedPublic Scoping occurred in August 20103/23/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-015-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-016-CXROW assignment T8N, R4W, S8, S1/2NE1/43/13/2012CX Completed 4/17/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-016-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-017-EABCNRT-Big Bug Trailhead Construction EABlack Canyon Trail between Table Mesa Road and Black Canyon City3/1/2012EA Completed 8/23/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-017-EA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-018-CXGovNET Assignment and Ammendment of Communication site lease -- AZA-35918T3N, R3W, S27, Tract 373/30/2012CX action on hold per applicant  Hillary Connern/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-019-CXNusciance Javalina Removal Harquahala Mountains1/1/2012CX Completed 2/14/2012Codey CarterDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-019-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-020-CXCity of Phoenix Comm Site at Burnt MountainT2N, R8W, S85/2/2012CX Completed 6/19/2012Jim AndersenDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-020-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-021-CXAZA-33315 Robert Nikolas Road ROW Ammendment (Golden Rod Group LLC)T9N, R4W, S64/26/2012CX Completed  3/12/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-021-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-022-CXMaricopa County Department of Transportation Road ROW Renewal (AZA-16814)T2N, R1W, S 255/9/2012CX Completed 8/1/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-022-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-023-CXMaricopa County Flood Control ROW Water Facility Renwal (AZA-9282)T2N, R1W, S 255/9/2012CX Completed 7/31/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-023-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-024-CXMiller Road Area Abandoned Mine Land BackfillsT1N, R4W, S125/9/2012CX Completed 5/29/2012Matt PlisDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-024-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-025-CXDennis Arp Apiary Permit (AZA-27938)T8N, R2E, S15 &34; T9N, R2E, S225/9/2012CX Completed 5/25/2012Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-025-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-026-CXROW Ammendment (AZA-009324)T8N, R9W, S295/7/2012Application withdrawn by APS  Mike Ricen/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-027-CXROW renewal (AZA-026026)T12N, R3W, S32, Lot 3 (SESW section 32)6/3/2012Application withdrawn by APS  Mike Ricen/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-028-CXROW renewal (AZA-020336)T2N, R2W, S 1, 21, 26, 27, 28, 33; T2N, R2W, S6, 7; T3N, R2W, S1, 12, 28, 33, 34; T3N, R3W6/3/2012Application withdrawn by APS  Mike Ricen/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-029-DNACemex Table Mesa Road Mineral Material SaleT7N, R2E, S35/25/2012DNA completed 6/18/2013Dave EddyDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-029-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-030-DNAAmerican Sand & Rock Mineral Materials SaleT7N, R3W, S245/25/2012DNA In progress  Dave Eddy  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-031-CXROW renewal (AZA-0020964)T14N, R2W, S10, SW1/4NW1/46/5/2012CX Completed 8/30/2012Mike RiceDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-031-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-032-CXROW renewal (AZA-018659)T12N, R1E, S 23, lot 3 (S2SESESW)6/5/2012CX Completed 8/29/2012Mike RiceDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-032-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-033-DNAPilea Holdings 3809/3715 OccupancyT6N, R6W, S276/18/2012DNA completed 7/26/2012Dave EddyDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-033-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-034-CXROW Renewal (AZA-0018374)T2N, R1W, S25 NW1/4NE1/46/6/2012Application withdrawn by APS  Mike Ricen/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-035-CXBuckhorn Spring Fence Enclosure 6/11/2012CX Completed 7/2/2012Codey CarterDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-035-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-036-CXYavapai County Public Works Department Road ROW AZA-33816T8N, R2W, S23, 27, 28, 29; T8N, R3W, S8, 9,10,178/10/2012CX completed 5/7/2013Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-036-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-037-CXYavapai County Public Works Department Road ROW AZA-33817T8N, R1W, S3, 5; T9N, R2W, S25 8/10/2012CX completed 5/7/2013Hillary ConnerDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-037-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-038-CXSun Valley Substation to Triliby Substation Temporary access ROWT4n, R4W, S20, 21,22,Tract 398/15/2012CX Completed 8/22/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-038-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-039-CXHassayampa Recharge Project assignmentT4N, R4W, S 20, 29, 30, 318/16/2012CX Completed 9/4/2012Jim AndersenDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-039-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-040-CXReprop Investment/ Diamond PropertiesT.5 N,R6W8/21/2012CX Completed 10/4/2012Jim AndersenDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-040-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-041-CXGeorge Waters Extension ROWT8N,R1W,S1307/302012CX in progress  Mike Rice  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-042-CXRenewal of existing KV12 Power lineT3S, R3w, S278/8/2012CX in progress  Mike Rice  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-043-CXSonoran Expeditions mountain bike tour 9/5/2012CX Completed 9/20/2012Mary SkordinskyDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-043-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-044-DNALeon Bonner, Plateau ReasourcesT14N,R1W,SEC 28 NE1/4NE1/48/31/2012DNA completed 9/20/2012Dave EddyDOI-BLM-AZ-P010-2012-044-DNA 

Lower Sonoran Field Office · 21605 North 7th Avenue · Phoenix, AZ 85027 · (623) 580-5500

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-001-CXLand Use Permit renewal for one solar montioring station, installed by Iberdrola Renewables Incorporated in November 2008 T4S, R9W, S1910/31/2011CX completedn/a1/3/2012Kathy DepukatDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-001-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-002-DNAOatman Mountain Communications Site -- GovNetT4S, R9W, S25, SE12/7/2011DNA Initiatedn/a5/22/2012JoAnn GoodlowAZ-P020-2012-002-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-003-CXUS Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol Station ROW AmmendmentT13S, R5W, S243/1/2012CX completedn/a3/28/2012Jim AndersenDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-003-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-004-EAQueen Creek Quarry Competitive Bid Mineral Material SaleT4S, R8E, S 12SE, 13NE; T4S, R9E, S7SW, 18NW3/1/2012EA InitiatedTBD Karen ConrathAZ-P020-12-004-EA-FONSI 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-005-EARed Mountain Mining Mineral Material Sales ContractT2N, R6E, S24, Lots 19, 21, 23, 25-293/1/2012EA InitiatedProject proposal sent to nearby residents, scoping comments received Karen Conrath  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-006-EAAk Chin Indian Community Direct SaleT5S, R4E, S135/2/2012EA Initiated

EA issued 04/2014

FONSI issued 6/30/14

 JoAnn Goodlow



DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-007-CXTelemter Rain and Flowage Gague InstallationT1S, R7W, S55/3/2012CX completedn/a7/27/2012Ben ParsonsDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-007-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-008-CXROW for a 12kV PowerlineT3S, R2Q, S105/7/2012CX completedn/a 7/17/2012Mike RiceAZ-P020-2012-008-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-009-CXROW ammendment to include an underground 21kV powerlineWhy, Arizona5/7/2012Application Withdrawnn/a Mike Ricen/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-010-CXROW to rebuild an existing 69kV transmission lineT5S, R4W, S165/7/2012CX completedn/a7/17/2012Mike RiceAZ-P020-2012-010-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-011-CXAgua Caliente Road area Abanonded Mine Land BackfillsT2S, R6W, S28 & 295/9/2012CX completedn/a6/14/2012Matt PlisDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-011-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-012-DNATown of Florence Water Pipeline FacilitiesT4S, R9E, S265/27/2012DNA Initiatedn/a JoAnn Goodlow  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-013-CXROW renewal (AZA-018957)T1S, R9W, S21 (NWNWNW), S20 (N2N2N2)  6/3/2012CX completedn/a8/29/2012Mike RiceDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-013-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-014-CXROW renewal (AZA-019018)T3S, R2W, S2 (lot 1, SENE, E2E2), S11 (E2E2), S14(E2NE), S13 (NWNWNW)6/3/2012CX completedn/a8/29/2012Mike RiceDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-014-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-015-CXROW renewal (AZA-029017)T1N, R10W, S11 (NENENE)6/3/2012Project transferred to BLM Yuman Field Officen/a Mike Ricen/a 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-016-CXROW renewal (AZA-021857)T4S, R7W, S31; T5S, R7W, S5, 6, 8; T5S, R8W, S16/4/2012CX completedn/a8/29/2012Mike RiceDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-016-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-017-CXROW renewal (AZA-0023723) T4S, R7W, S17 (W1/2SW1/4), S18(SE1/4SE1/4)6/4/2012CX completedn/a8/29/2012Mike RiceDOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-017-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-018-CXPioneer Handcart Trek Special Recreation PermitT5S, R9W; T5S, R10W; T6S, R9W; T6S, R10W--Agua Caliente Mountains, Sentinel Plain6/11/2012CX completedn/a Jack Ragsdale
Penny Foreman
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-019-CXCrown Castle Communications Use Lease Renewal (AZA-026528)T2S, R6W, S136/29/2012CX completedn/a3/16/2012Ben ParsonsAZ-P020-2012-019-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-020-CXGeotechnical Investigation ROWLower Sonoran Field Office7/11/2012CX initiatedn/a Dana Jones  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-021-CXTrapping of Trespass Livestock in AjoLower Sonoran Field Office3/30/2012CX completedn/a01/21/13 Andrea FeltonAZ-P020-2012-021-CX  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-022-CXRenewal of existing 12kV power lineT4S,R7W,S18; T4S,R8W,S13,S247/30/2012CX completed 4/9/2013Mike RiceAZ-P020-2012-022-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-023-CXRenewal of existing 12kV power lineT2N R9W S8; T2N R10W S117/30/2012CX initiated  Mike Rice  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-024-CXRenewal of existing 12kV power lineT4S, R9W, S23, S25, S26; T5S, R9W, S28/6/2012CX initiated  Mike Rice  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P020-2012-025-CXKilauea Crushers Sample rock exposuresT1S, R3W, Sec. 18, 25, 369/6/2012CX initiated  Dave Eddy  

Agua Fria National Monument · 21605 North 7th Avenue · Phoenix, AZ 85027 · (623) 580-5500

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-001-CXPronghorn Study & CaptureAFNM 11/28/2011CX InitiatedN/A12/12/2011Paul SitzmannDOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-001-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-002-DNABig Bug Barrier ModificationT11N, R3E, S202/20/2012DNA CompletedN/A2/24/2012Paul SitzmannDOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-002-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-003-CXBadger Springs Recreation PlanBadger Springs area5/13/2012EA InitiatedTBD Nancy Stallard  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-004-CXWater pipe backfillT10N, R3E, S10; T10N, R3E, S95/25/2012CX InitiatedN/A Paul Sitzmann  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P030-2012-005-CXNational Cooperative Soil Survey, Horseshoe AllotmentAFNM, Horseshoe Allotment9/5/2012CX Initiated  Amanda James  

Sonoran Desert National Monument · 21605 North 7th Avenue · Phoenix, AZ 85027 · (623) 580-5500 

NEPA Document Number*Project Title*, Case File Number, and Description Area Affected*Date Started*Status*Public Comment Period (dates)Decision Date (completion)*Contact*Links to Available DocumentsCooperating Agencies
DOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-001-CXATGG II Vekol Valley Road Access Right of WayT7S, R1E, S10, 22, 27, 28, 33, 34; T8S, R10E, S3, 10, 11 (utilizing Vekol Valley Road, located south of Interstate 8 in the SDNM)11/28/2011CX InitiatedN/A Matt Magaletti  
DOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-002-DNASDNM Vehicle Barriers ProjectNear Table Top Wilderness and Interstate 812/8/2011DNA CompletedN/A Dave ScarbroughDOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-002-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-003-DNAZaabel Special Recreation PermitNorth Maricopa Mountains Area2/6/2012DNA CompletedN/A3/13/2012Dave ScarbroughDOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-003-DNA 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-004-CXPrecipitation Monitoring Station32.716371-112.159003 SDNM5/11/2012CX CompletedN/A Mariano LanzaDOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-004-CX 
DOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-005-EASDNM Travel Management PlanSonoran Desert National Monument6/7/2012EA InitiatedTBD Tom Bickauskus


Link to TMP web page

DOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-006-CXSDNM Public Information KiosksSonoran Desert National Monument Area adjacent to and South of Interstate 88/9/2012CX CompletedN/A8/16/2012Dave ScarbroughDOI-BLM-AZ-P040-2012-006-CX 


Area Affected

  • GCPNM - Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument
  • VCNM - Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
  • AFNM - Agua Fria National Monument
  • SDNM - Sonoran Desert National Monument
  • IFNM - Ironwood Forest National Monument
  • LCNCA - Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
  • SPRNCA - San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area
  • GBNCA - Gila Box National Conservation Area
  • xxx WA - Wilderness Area
  • xxx WSA - Wilderness Study Area
  • xxx ACEC - Area of Critical Environmental Concern
  • xxx W&SR - Wild and Scenic River Segment
  • xxx NT - National Trail
  • PD Land - Public Domain Land


  • DNA in Progress - Determination of NEPA Adequacy Review
  • CX in Progress - Categorical Exclusion Review
  • EA in Progress - Environmental Assessment Level Analysis
  • FONSI/EA available for public review - Finding of No Significant Impact/EA
  • DR/FONSI/EA - Decision Record/ FONSI and EA Completed
  • NOI Published - Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement Level Analysis
  • DEIS in Progress - Draft EIS
  • NOA for DEIS - Notice of Availability Published in the Federal Register
  • FEIS in Progress - Final EIS
  • NOA for FEIS - Notice of Availability Published in the Federal Register
  • ROD Approved - Record of Decision
  • LUPA/EA NOI Published - NOI to Prepare a Land Use Plan Amendment/EA Level Analysis
  • LUPA/EA in Progress
  • LUPA/FONSI/EA available for public review
  • LUPA/DR/FONSI/EA - Decision Record/ FONSI and EA Completed
  • LUPA/EIS NOI Published - NOI to Prepare a Land Use Plan Amendment/EIS Level Analysis
  • LUPA/DEIS in Progress
  • NOA for DLUPA/DEIS - NOA Published in Federal Register
  • PLUPA/FEIS in Progress
  • NOA for PLUPA/FEIS - NOA Published in Federal Register
  • LUPA/ROD Approved
  • RMP NOI Published - NOI to Prepare a Resource Management Plan/EIS
  • DRMP/DEIS in Progress - Draft RMP/Draft EIS
  • NOA for DRMP/DEIS - NOA Published in Federal Register
  • PRMP/FEIS in Progress - Proposed RMP/Final EIS
  • NOA for PRMP/FEIS - NOA Published in Federal Register
  • RMP/ROD Approved

How to Get Involved:

BLM encourages the public to get involved in the planning process to help determine how public lands will be managed.  Involvement by everyone with an interest in public lands will help ensure the best possible plan is developed and future uses of public lands are well defined.  You may participate in any of the on-going planning efforts listed above.  If you have questions or would like to submit comments on a particular project, please contact the BLM Office identified above.