Vermilion Cliffs Nat'l Monument
Route Designations

During the development of the Arizona Strip Proposed Plan/FEIS, approximately 1900 existing routes in the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Ferry Swale, and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument were designated using the Route Evaluation Tree© process. This Record of Decision (ROD) designates these routes as identified below. The Littlefield, AZ area of proposed route designations presented in the Draft Plan/DEIS is deferred until the remainder of the Arizona Strip Field Office route designations are presented to the public. They are not included in the ROD and will be designated within 5 years.

A designation of Open, Open for ATV or Non-Motorized use only, Open seasonally, Administrative use, Non-Motorized, or Closed was assigned to each route. The legend on each map explain the color classifications of each route designation (green = open, blue = administrative, red = closed, etc.).

Each Route evaluated using this process has been assigned a unique route identifier such as "P1033A." The first two places of the route identifier (i.e., P1) are the code for the sub-subregion evaluated and is displayed on the 1:24,000 scale maps.

You may use the Index Map to select the subregion map you are interested in, or select the map directly from the list below.

Once you know the identifier for the sub-subregion and route of interest, you can open the Route Designation Report to find the documentation of the evaluation factors for a proposed route designation. Route Identifiers are bookmarked in the left-hand column of the screen.