1999 Directives List

ARIZONA Instruction Memorandums - FY 1999

08/04/1999Arizona Prescribed Fire Program Review
07/291999Southwestern Willow Flycatchers Action Plan
06/29/1999Arizona Wild Horse and Burro Web Site
06/08/1999Vehicle Cleaning to Prevent the Spread of Noxious Weeds
06/02/1999Final Cultural Resource Guidance, Arizona Handbooks H-8100 & H-8120
03/18/1999Supplemental Guidance for Desert Tortoise Compensation

ARIZONA Information Bulletins - FY 1999

08/09/1999Draft Bumblebee Allotment Evaluation
08/05/1999Review and Comments on Proposed Rule, 43 CFR 2800 and 2880  DD: 09/03/99
08/03/1999Arizona Pride Award (listed, no digital copy available)
07/15/1999Outstanding Public Lands Professional Awards   DD: 11/01/99
03/11/1999Implementation of Secretarial Order #3206 Concerning Endangered Species Act and Federal-Tribal Trust Responsibilities
03/05/1999Review of the Draft Plan for Implementing the Arizona Standards Rangeland Health and Guidlines for Grazing Administration   DD: 03/19/99
02/19/1999Lead-Based Paint in Government Furnished Quarters (GFQ)
01/15/1999Arizona Mining Summit Guide to Permitting Operations
01/06/19991998-99 Soil, Water, and Air Program Meeting and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)/BLM Water Quality Coordination Meeting
01/05/1999Year 2000 Data Sharing/Exchange Information


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