1998 Directives List

ARIZONA Instruction Memorandums - FY 1998

07/24/1998Prescribed Fire Plan Approval Process
07/02/1998Arizona Additions to BLM Mineral Material Disposal Handbook, H-3600-1
06/26/1998Internet Acceptable Use Policy
06/22/1998Golden Eagle Passports
06/22/1998Results of FY-98 Recreation Fee Evaluation
06/03/1998Workplace Violence
05/19/1998Environmental Site Assessment, Current Policy
05/13/1998Arizona Policy on Using Net Gun Operations to Capture Wild Burros
03/03/1998Arizona State Mapping Team
01/07/1998Recreation Fee Accounting and Recording Advices
10/14/1997Arizona Bureau of Land Management Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment
10/10/1997Conservation Measures for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, Kearney's Blue Star, and Pima Pineapple Cactus  DD: 10/24/97

ARIZONA Information Bulletins - FY 1998

09/09/19983715/3809 Policy for Processing Notices, Plans of Operations and Occupancy Requests with Aquifer Protection Permits (listed, no digital copy available)
08/31/1998Outstanding Public Lands Professional Awards (listed, no digital copy available)
08/10/1998Paleontology Manual and Handbook
07/31/19981998 Governor's Pride Award
07/29/1998Allotment Level Section 7 Consultations
07/29/1998FY 1999 Advanced Procurement Plan (APP)
DD: 08/14/98
07/24/199810-Point Preference Eligibles
06/05/1998A Journey Into the 21st Century: Recreation & Tourism on Public Lands in Arizona (listed, no digital copy available)
03/03/1998Results From Abandoned Mine Land Field Testing
01/08/1998Fiscal Year 1998 Recreation Fee Evaluation
12/11/1997Identification of Lands for Disposal
12/09/1997Arizona Standards for Rangeland Health and Guidelines For Livestock Grazing Implementation Strategy (listed, no digital copy available)
10/03/1997Recreation and Tourism Strategy Plan Review


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