1997 Directives List

ARIZONA Instruction Memorandums - FY 1997

08/29/1997Arizona State Office Policy Changes
08/25/1997Native American Minerals and Arizona Land Exchanges:  Project Team Support
06/09/1997Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Compliance 
04/24/1997Management Support for Internet and Homepage Activities
03/24/1997Off Highway Vehicle Opp.
03/05/1997Policy for Issuance of Notice of Decision and Availability of Information Regarding the Value of Property Involved in Land Exchanges
02/26/1997External Home Page Development Guidelines
02/04/1997Arizona BLM Policy Regarding Sexual Harrassment - Change 1
01/16/1997Arizona BLM Policy Regarding Sexual Harrassment
01/03/1997Workplace Violence

ARIZONA Information Bulletins - FY 1997

09/18/1997Digitizing Cultural Resource Records
08/29/1997Water Quality Sampling Plan
08/21/1997Mineral Material Testing and Sampling
05/29/1997Arizona Standards and Guidelines and Plan Amendment Decision Record
04/24/1997Environmental Education Article in Science and Children Magazine
04/21/1997Riparian Downlink Invitation
04/15/1997Removal of Range Improvements from Master Title Plats
12/26/1996New Bureau Form 3814-4
12/06/1996Proposals for Challenge Cost Share Projects for 1997
11/22/1996Mineral Patent Moratorium and Processing of Grandfathered Mineral Patent Cases


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