2003 Directives List

ARIZONA Instruction Memorandums - FY 2003

8/22/2003Major Category (5101 Cost Recovery) Rights-of-Way (ROWs)
8/14/2003Reduction in Charge Card Delinquency
8/13/2003Deadlines for Submitting Sign Initiative Requisitions
8/12/2003Deadlines for Submitting Sign Initiative Requisitions
7/28/2003Revised Cost Recovery Fee Schedule for the Public
7/22/2003Cost Recovery Study
6/9/2003Processing Notices, Plans of Operation and Financial Guarantees under 43 CFR 3809
6/6/2003Appeal Procedures for Actions Taken Under 43 CFR 3809
6/4/2003Submission of Pesticide Use Report for FY 2002
2/26/2003ESA Section 7 Consultation/Conference on Existing Land Use Plans
11/18/2002Interdisciplinary Team Recruitment for Statewide Land Use Plan Amendment for Fire and Fuels Management
10/16/2002National Briefing Document System
10/8/2002Arizona Bureau of Land Management Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment

ARIZONA Information Bulletins - FY 2003

9/12/2003Deadlines for Submitting Sign Initiative Requisitions
7/22/2003Fiscal Year 2003 Cultural Resource Annual Report
7/2/2003Arizona National Landscape Conservation System Managers Group Charter
6/19/2003Revised Publications/Exhibits/Informational/Promotional Items Approval Request, BLM Form 1550-8
5/29/2003New Fees for Records Searches
2/13/2003Subpoena for Testimony of Employees or for Production of Records
1/27/20032003 Snapshots Report Schedule and Guidance


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