2000 Directives List

ARIZONA Instruction Memorandums - FY 2000

09/29/2000Testimony of Employees
06/27/2000Prescribed Fire Plan Approval Process and Project Documentation
06/01/2000Final Guidance for Special Recreation Permits for Competitive and Organized Group Activities and Events
04/28/200030-Day Past Due Notice
04/27/2000Arizona State Office Information Access Center / Front Desk Procedures
04/21/2000BLM Sensitive Species List for Arizona
03/20/2000Arizona BLM Policy Regarding Sexual Harrassment
02/10/2000Cost Recovery Pricing Policy for Digital Maps
02/10/2000Possessing of Firearms and Explosives in Federal Facilities
01/31/2000Directives Guidance
11/23/1999Field Organization Strategy/Human Resources Employee Team Charter

ARIZONA Information Bulletins - FY 2000

05/25/2000Request for Input to Questionnaire on Ongoing Activities or Projects Related to Habitat Conservation  DD:  06/16/2000
05/24/2000DOI / S.E.M.A.R.N.A.P. MOU and Colorado River Delta Joint Declaration
05/18/2000Cultural Resource Management Agreement with Mexico
02/01/2000Clarification of Research Time Versus Search/Review Time


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