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Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness
Paria Canyon Permit Area - Pack It In, Pack It Out

Why do I have to pack out my trash?

Keep the wilderness wild and pack out all your trash. Food scraps should be packed out. Biodegradable materials, such as banana peels, orange rinds, or coffee grounds may seem natural enough, but will not disintegrate in this climate. Pack them out.

Is it true I have to pack out my poop?

Yes, currently you are required to pack out all fecal matter in the Narrrows to include dog waste, but as of January 1, 2010, all fecal waste (poop) will be required to be carried out of the Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch canyons.Voluntary use of human waste bags has not been successful at decreasing unsanitary human waste deposits in the canyons. Backpackers have failed to follow basic Leave No Trace standards for catholes. As a result of improper human waste disposal many of the popular campsites have lingering odors.

Where do I get "Human Waste Bags" and do they really work?

Human waste is a big problem in Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch. These narrow canyons concentrate human waste in a very small area. A cleanup has been conducted yearly and large quantities of waste are packed out during patrols. At the same time a voluntary "Pack It Out" program was instituted. Your permit includes "Human Waste Bags" for each member of your party. You can pick them up at the Paria Contact Station, the BLM Kanab Field Office, or the BLM Arizona Strip District Office. They are easy to use, secure, airtight, and contain chemicals that neutralize odors. The majority of Paria hikers use these bags and have had no problems with them. They will be required for all Paria hikers beginning January 1, 2010.

What about toilet paper?

Burning or burying toilet paper is not permitted. Please practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and help us protect this pristine environment -- pack out all toilet paper and dispose of it properly. Don't hide, bury, or leave behind toilet paper! Toilet paper can be easily folded, dropped into a sealable sandwich bag, and discretely packed out. This will help us preserve the pristine quality of these canyons.

Learn more about the Leave No Trace Program (

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