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How to Obtain a Permit
Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area
Permit System

aravaipa canyonA permit is required to visit Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness. The fee is $5.00 per person per day. Canyon use is limited to 50 people per day, 30 from the West end and 20 from the East end. This system helps to reduce the potential impacts to the environment caused by human use and allows visitors to enjoy the canyon's solitude.

Are advance purchased permits recommended?

Yes. It is risky to wait until the day of your hike to try to get a permit. Permits may be purchased in advance using any one of several methods.

You can use the link provided on this website.  If you obtain your permit through the internet you are required to pay with a credit card for your permit to be issued.

You may also call at 1-877-444-6777. If you purchase your permit over the phone through, payment is also required in advance by credit card.

How can I find out about available hiking dates?

The permit system is a viewable calendar showing the number of available permits or sold out dates up to 13 weeks from the current date. If you don't personally have internet capability, you may access the internet at most libraries. You may also call, email or chat with, who can check the calendar for you and issue your permit.

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How far ahead may I purchase a permit?

You can purchase a permit up to 13 weeks in advance of the day you wish to hike. Please remember that spring and fall weekends are most popular and permits sell out almost immediately on the opening day 13 weeks in advance.

Are permits required?

Yes. Each solo hiker or group trip leader will be issued a permit number following confirmation of payment of fees. This number must be carried by the hiker or trip leader during the trip. Infants carried in backpacks do not need a permit.

Is it possible to get a permit to hike without buying a permit in advance?

NO.  An advance permit is required.

I am a TNC (The Nature Conservancy) member. Can I hike the first mile on the West side of the canyon without a permit?

No, the BLM and TNC have an agreement to limit the impacts on public and private land by limiting use to 30 people per day through the West entrance. This includes members of TNC.

I just want to walk in a few minutes and turn around. Do I need a permit?

Yes, the permit system was instituted to protect sensitive habitat and to provide a place of peace and solitude to human visitors. The most frequently used area of the canyon is the first section, thus the most impacted. A permit is always required.

Are permits required to hike the side canyons if I do not enter the main canyon of Aravaipa Creek?

A permit is required to hike all canyons within the wilderness. Those wishing to hike or hunt on the tablelands within the wilderness are not required to have a permit but cannot enter any canyon bottoms.

If I have an Arizona Game and Fish Department permit to hunt in this unit, do I need to obtain a BLM permit?

Yes. A permit is necessary for all days both hunting and passing through the canyon.

What are the special hunting and fishing regulations for the wilderness?

Licensed hunters are permitted in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, but fishing is prohibited. All hunters using the canyon must obtain an Aravaipa permit. Hunting dogs are not permitted.

To ensure visitor safety, discharging firearms is prohibited in the canyon bottoms including Aravaipa Creek, the side canyons, and Turkey Creek. Above the rim of the canyon, hunting is allowed 50 vertical feet above the creek bottom. This rule does not apply to archery hunters.

No fishing is allowed in Aravaipa Creek. This is to protect the native fish found here.

Are fees required?

Yes. Fees are payable prior to permit authorization for each visitor, both adults and children. Infants carried in backpacks do not need a permit.

What are the fees?

$5.00 per person per day.

Where do I pay my fees?

Fees are to be paid on-line at  This link provides their contact information.

  Safford Field Office
711 14th Avenue
Safford, AZ 85546-3337
Phone: (928) 348-4400
Fax: (928) 348-4450
Field Manager:  Scott Cooke
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., M-F