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Pack it In, Pack it Out
Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area
Permit System

aravaipa canyon Pack out your trash! Keep the wilderness wild! After washing dishes, strain food scraps out and dump the remaining water into a small "cathole," well away from the water. Food scraps should be packed out. Biodegradable materials, such as banana peels, orange rinds, or coffee grounds, may seem natural enough, but will not disintegrate in this climate in your lifetime. So pack them out.

Properly Dispose of Human Waste

Bury human waste well away from existing campsites and water sources (about 70 adult steps). A small garden trowel is excellent for digging small "catholes" for waste. In areas with high organic matter, waste should be buried 6 - 8 inches deep, in the organic layer, where microorganisms will have a feast. In desert areas with little or no vegetation, waste should only be buried 4 - 6 inches deep so that the sun's warmth helps break it down.

Can I burn my trash and toilet paper?

No, burning trash and toilet paper is not permitted. Please practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and help us protect this pristine environment -- pack out all trash and toilet paper and dispose of properly. Don't hide, bury, or leave behind toilet paper! Within a few hours it is usually dug up by a wild animal, and leaves an otherwise scenic area looking disgusting.

Toilet paper can be easily folded, dropped into a sealable sandwich bag, and discretely packed out. This will help us preserve the creek's excellent water quality. Burning toilet paper also poses a wildfire danger.

Learn more about the Leave No Trace Program.

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