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Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area
Permit System

Before highways and railways, before pioneers, even before Columbus.....the land we know as the United States was truly a vast wilderness. To protect these last remaining areas, Congress created the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness. Aravaipa's outstanding scenery, desert fish and wildlife, rich history, and opportunities for primitive recreation will remain free from the influence of man and are protected in this condition for future generations. Its 19,410 acres beckon adventurers who yearn for solitude and scenic splendor.

Things you should know before starting your hike:

  • A permit is required for recreational use of the canyon. All permits are secured through
  • Pets are not allowed in the wilderness.
  • Access to each wilderness boundary is courtesy of The Nature Conservancy. Please respect their private property.
  • The maximum length of stay is 3 days (2 nights).
  • Your party size cannot exceed 10 people.
  • Equestrians can have only 5 stock animals per party and stock cannot remain overnight in the canyon bottom.
  • Hunters need a permit. The flood plain of Aravaipa Creek and the first 50 vertical feet above the streambed are closed to shooting but are open to bow and arrow hunting in season.
  • Use of public land for business or financial gain requires a special permit.
  • Wilderness is closed to motor vehicles, mechanical transport, and motorized equipment.
  • Hikers from the east end trailhead should be aware of the parking situation. The wilderness boundary is located 1.5 miles west of the Information Kiosk and restroom (new trailhead). It is recommended that visitors park there and hike through The Nature Conservancy property the remaining distance due to road conditions and possible flooding. Open space at the junction of Turkey Creek and Aravaipa Creek provide additional parking options depending on flood danger.

For additional information contact the Ranger Stations

East Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness
Klondyke Ranger Station
(928) 828-3380


West Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness
Brandenburg Ranger Station
(520) 357-6185

  Safford Field Office
711 14th Avenue
Safford, AZ 85546-3337
Phone: (928) 348-4400
Fax: (928) 348-4450
Field Manager:  Scott Cooke
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., M-F

Introduce Yourself to Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area

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