SDNM Uplands Not Achiving Standard 3, Livestock the Causal Factor


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Theme: Bureau of Land Management, BLM, Rangeland, Livestock Grazing, Compatibility Analysis
Place: Arizona, Phoenix District Office, Lower Sonoran Field Office, Sonoran Desert National Monument

Derived from the LSFO SDNM RMP's Compatibility Analysis, this file depicts the uplands throughout the SDNM not achieving Standard 3, with livestock being the causal factor.  The results of this analysis become unavailable in the range of alternatives put forth in chapter 2.

For regional analysis and display at 1:24,000.

Supplementary Information
Dataset locally known as Uplands_NotAchieving_St3_LivestockCausalFactor.shp.  This dataset and other datasets in the BLM Phoenix District Office Geographic Information Database represent data for the BLM Phoenix District Office, and may include the Hassayampa Field Office and Lower Sonoran Field Office.


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