LSFO Route Inventory


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Theme: Bureau of Land Management, BLM, Phoenix District, Travel Management, Routes
Place: Arizona, Phoenix District Office, Lower Sonoran Field Office
Place: Phoenix District, Lower Sonoran Field Office, Sonoran Desert National Monument

Inventory only of routes in the LSFO, minus the Sonoran Desert National Monument.  This is only an inventory of known routes, and sometimes referred to as the reaonsble forseeable future or model.  Designations of these routes will follow the RMP in a series of Travel Management Plans.

For regional analysis and display at 1:24,000.  This dataset was prepared/acquired for use in the PDO resource management planning process.

Supplementary Information

Primary Road - A regularly maintained route, paved or unpaved, wide enough for at least two vehicles to pass. Provides access between two major points. Serves a large area with many routes of lesser quality branching from it.

Secondary Road - Paved or unpaved, a regularly maintained one- to two-lane route with routes of lesser quality branching from it. Connects primary roads and major points.

Tertiary Road - Generally a two-track route that may or may not be usable by a two-wheel drive vehicle. Does not receive formal maintenance.

Single-Track Route - A route up to 1/2 meter wide upon which all-terrain vehicles or trucks are not allowed.

Way - A road-like feature used by vehicles having four or more wheels but not declared a road by the owner. A way receives no maintenance to guarantee regular and continuous use.

Spur - A route that exists for a specific purpose, such as access to a specific use or feature. Uses can be recreational or commercial. Features include campsites, mines, or range developments. A spur route is connected to another road or route type.

Reclaiming or Reclaimed (route) - A route that has had very little or no use, so that there is woody vegetation growing in the route that would be damaged by the passage of a vehicle. Erosion or vegetation may block the route and could damage a vehicle or cause it to get stuck.


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