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color:#006000; font-weight:bold; cursor:hand} .pn {color:#00008B; font-weight:bold} .pv {font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; line-height:135%; color:#191970; margin:0in 0.15in 0.75in 0.15in} .pe1 {margin-left:0.2in} .pe2 {margin-left:0.25in; font-weight:normal; color:#191970;} .lt {line-height:115%} .lt2 {line-height:115%; margin-bottom:1mm} .sr1 {margin-left:0in} .sr2 {margin-left:0.2in} .sr3 {margin-left:0.4in} .srh1 {color:#00008B; font-weight:bold; margin-left:0in} .srh2 {color:#00008B; font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.2in} .name {margin-left:0.05in; position:relative; top:-6; text-align:center; font-weight:bold; font-size:18; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; color:#006400} .sub {margin-left:0.25in; text-align:center; position:relative; top:3; font-weight:bold; font-size:13; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; color:#006400} .search {margin:0in 0.15in 0.75in 0.15in; color:#191970; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; font-size:13} .head {color:#006400} </STYLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JScript"><!-- //changes the color of the tabs or headings that you can click //when the mouse hovers over them function doHilite() { var e = window.event.srcElement; 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border:'2 outset #FFFFFF'; position:relative" /> <BR /> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Keywords</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="lt2"><SPAN CLASS="pn">Theme: </SPAN> Bureau of Land Management, BLM, Recreation, SRMA, ERMA, RMZ</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="lt2"><SPAN CLASS="pn">Place: </SPAN> Arizona, Phoenix District Office, Lower Sonoran Field Office, Sonoran Desert National Monument</DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Description</DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Abstract <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:"> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><PRE ID="original">This layer simulatenously depicts all recreation management areas: Special Recreation Management Areas (SRMAs), Extensive Recreation Management Areas (ERMAs), and Recreation Management Zones (RMZs). The SRMAs are administrative units where the existing or proposed recreation opportunities and recreation setting characteristics are recognized for their unique value, importance and/or distinctiveness, especially as compared to other areas used for recreation. The SRMAs are managed to protect and enhance a targeted set of activities, experiences, benefits, and desired recreation setting characteristics. The SRMAs are subdivided into Recreation Management Zones (RMZs) to further delineate specific recreation opportunities. Extensive Recreation Management Areas (ERMAs) are administrative units that requre specific management consideration in order to address recreation use or demand. The ERMAs are managed to support and sustain the principal recreation activities and the associated qualities and conditions of the ERMA. Management of the ERMA areas is commensurate with the management of other resources and resource uses.</PRE></SPAN><BR /> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Purpose <DIV ID="Purpose" CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:"> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><PRE ID="original">For regional analysis and display at 1:24,000.</PRE></SPAN><BR /> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Supplementary Information <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:"> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><PRE ID="original">Dataset locally known as All Recreation Areas or RMA_alt_b_feis_carto. This dataset and other datasets in the BLM Phoenix District Office Geographic Information Database represent data for the BLM Phoenix District Office, and may include the Hassayampa Field Office and Lower Sonoran Field Office.</PRE></SPAN><BR /> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="text-align:center; color:#6495ED">_________________</DIV><BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Status of the data <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> In work<BR /><I>Data update frequency: </I> As needed<BR /></DIV> </DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Time period for which the data is relevant <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <DIV><I>Date and time: </I> <SPAN STYLE="color:#999999">REQUIRED: The year (and optionally month, or month and day) for which the data set corresponds to the ground.</SPAN> </DIV> <DIV> <I>Description: </I> <SPAN STYLE="color:#999999">REQUIRED: The basis on which the time period of content information is determined.</SPAN> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Publication Information <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"><SPAN CLASS="lt2"> <I>Who created the data: </I>Bureau of Land Management, Phoenix District Office (BLM-PDO)<BR /></SPAN> <DIV><I>Date and time: </I> <SPAN STYLE="color:#999999">REQUIRED: The date when the data set is published or otherwise made available for release.</SPAN> </DIV> <DIV><I>Publisher and place: </I> BLM-PDO, Phoenix, AZ </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="text-align:center; color:#6495ED">_________________</DIV><BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Data storage and access information <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>File name: </I>RMA_alt_b_feis_carto<BR /> <I>Type of data: </I>vector digital data<BR /> <DIV><I>Location of the data: </I></DIV><DIV><LI STYLE="margin-left:0.2in">\\blm\dfs\AZ\PN\LOC\DATA\GIS\GISDATA_NAD83\projects\LS_SDNM_PRMP\GIS_Data\Recreation\Chapter2\RMA_alt_b_feis_carto.shp</LI></DIV> <I>Data processing environment: </I><SPAN CLASS="lt">Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 3; ESRI ArcCatalog</SPAN><BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Accessing the data <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Size of the data: </I>0.105 MB<BR /> <I>Data transfer size: </I>0.105 MB<BR /> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Constraints on accessing and using the data <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Access constraints: </I> <SPAN CLASS="lt">Discretionary, contains no sensitive information - generally considered releasable.<BR /></SPAN><DIV> <I>Use constraints: </I> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><PRE ID="original">This data should not be used at a scale larger than 1:24,000. The data and corresponding attributes are only as accurate as the source maps from which they were obtained, and may vary depending on the data and method of acquisition. This data is suitable for regional planning, management decision support at intermediate scales (i.e. 1:24,000 or smaller), and cartographic purposes. The data is not suitable for analysis at scales larger than 1:24,000. If the Receiving Agency (RA) has modified the data in any way, they are obligated to describe the types of modifications they have performed on hardcopy maps utilizing the data. RA specifically agrees not to misrepresent datasets or to imply that any changes made were approved by BLM. No warranty is made by the BLM for use of the data for purposes not intended by BLM. This information may be updated without notification.</PRE></SPAN><BR /> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Details about this document <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> Contents last updated: 20120612 at time 10142200 <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Who completed this document <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <SPAN STYLE="color:#999999">REQUIRED: The person responsible for the metadata information.</SPAN><BR /> Bureau of Land Management, Phoenix District Office<BR /><I>mailing and physical address:</I><BR /><DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.3in"> <DIV CLASS="lt"> <PRE ID="original">21605 N. 7th Avenue</PRE> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> </DIV> <DIV> Phoenix, Arizona 85027</DIV> <DIV>USA</DIV></DIV> <BR /> (623) 580-5500 (voice)<BR /><BR /> <DIV><I>Hours of service:</I> Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:15pm</DIV><BR /> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph1" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Standards used to create this document <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Standard name: </I>FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata<BR /> <I>Standard version: </I>FGDC-STD-001-1998<BR /> <I>Time convention used in this document: </I>local time<BR /> Metadata profiles defining additonal information<LI STYLE="margin-left:0.2in"> ESRI Metadata Profile: <A TARGET="viewer" HREF="http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html">http://www.esri.com/metadata/esriprof80.html </A> </LI> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <BR /> </DIV> <DIV ID="Spatial" class="pv" STYLE="display:none"><BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Horizontal coordinate system</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in"><I>Projected coordinate system name: </I>NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_12N</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in"><I>Geographic coordinate system name: </I>GCS_North_American_1983</DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Details <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <DIV CLASS="sr1"><SPAN CLASS="pn">Grid Coordinate System Name: </SPAN>Universal Transverse Mercator</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>UTM Zone Number: </I>12</DIV> <DIV CLASS="srh2">Transverse Mercator Projection</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr3"><I>Scale Factor at Central Meridian: </I>0.999600<BR /> <I>Longitude of Central Meridian: </I>-111.000000<BR /> <I>Latitude of Projection Origin: </I>0.000000<BR /> <I>False Easting: </I>500000.000000<BR /> <I>False Northing: </I>0.000000<BR /> </DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="sr1"><SPAN CLASS="pn">Planar Coordinate Information</SPAN></DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>Planar Distance Units: </I>meters</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>Coordinate Encoding Method: </I>coordinate pair</DIV> <DIV CLASS="srh2">Coordinate Representation</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr3"><I>Abscissa Resolution: </I>0.000000</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr3"><I>Ordinate Resolution: </I>0.000000</DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="srh1">Geodetic Model</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>Horizontal Datum Name: </I>North American Datum of 1983</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>Ellipsoid Name: </I>Geodetic Reference System 80</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>Semi-major Axis: </I>6378137.000000</DIV> <DIV CLASS="sr2"><I>Denominator of Flattening Ratio: </I>298.257222</DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="text-align:center; color:#6495ED">_________________</DIV><BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Bounding coordinates</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="pn">Horizontal</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.4in" CLASS="pn">In decimal degrees</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>West: </I> -113.263761</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>East: </I> -111.614422</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>North: </I> 33.480608</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>South: </I> 32.192747</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.4in" CLASS="pn">In projected or local coordinates</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>Left: </I>289615.028014</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>Right: </I>442097.358207</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>Top: </I>3704743.014717</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.6in"><I>Bottom: </I>3563984.250002</DIV> <DIV STYLE="text-align:center; color:#6495ED">_________________</DIV><BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Lineage</DIV> <DIV CLASS="pn" STYLE="margin-left:0.2in">FGDC lineage</DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" STYLE="margin-left:0.4in" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Process step 1 <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="margin-left:0.2in; display:none"> <I>Process description: </I>Dataset copied.<BR /> <I>Source used: </I>U:\Phoenix_District_Office_Template<BR /> <I>Process date: </I>20100517 at time 12411100<BR /> <BR /></DIV> </DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" STYLE="margin-left:0.4in" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">Process step 2 <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="margin-left:0.2in; display:none"> <I>Process description: </I>Metadata imported.<BR /> <I>Source used: </I>C:\DOCUME~1\slfisher\LOCALS~1\Temp\xmlDED1.tmp<BR /> <I>Process date: </I>20120530 at time 09073600<BR /> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="text-align:center; color:#6495ED">_________________</DIV><BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Spatial data description</DIV> <DIV CLASS="pn" STYLE="margin-left:0.2in">Vector data information</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.4in" CLASS="pn">ESRI description</DIV> <DIV CLASS="ph2" STYLE="margin-left:0.6in" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)"> RMA_alt_b_feis_carto <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>ESRI feature type: </I>Simple<BR /> <I>Geometry type: </I>Polygon<BR /> <I>Topology: </I>FALSE<BR /> <I>Feature count: </I>20<BR /> <I>Spatial Index: </I>FALSE<BR /> <I>Linear referencing: </I>FALSE<BR /> </DIV> </DIV> <BR /> <DIV CLASS="ph2" STYLE="margin-left:0.4in" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)">SDTS description <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <DIV>Feature class: SDTS feature type, feature count</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in"> <LI> RMA_alt_b_feis_carto: G-polygon, 20 </LI> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <BR /> </DIV> <DIV ID="Attributes" class="pv" STYLE="display:none"><BR /> <DIV CLASS="pn">Details for RMA_alt_b_feis_carto</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in"><I>Type of object: </I>Feature Class</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in"><I>Number of records: </I>20</DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="pn"> Attributes<DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.25in" CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)"> FID <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Alias: </I>FID<BR /> <I>Data type: </I>OID<BR /> <I>Width: </I>4<BR /> <I>Precision: </I>0<BR /> <I>Scale: </I>0<BR /> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><I>Definition: </I><PRE ID="original">Internal feature number.</PRE></SPAN> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><I>Definition Source: </I><PRE ID="original">ESRI</PRE></SPAN> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="pn"> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.25in" CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)"> Shape <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Alias: </I>Shape<BR /> <I>Data type: </I>Geometry<BR /> <I>Width: </I>0<BR /> <I>Precision: </I>0<BR /> <I>Scale: </I>0<BR /> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><I>Definition: </I><PRE ID="original">Feature geometry.</PRE></SPAN> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> <SPAN CLASS="lt"><I>Definition Source: </I><PRE ID="original">ESRI</PRE></SPAN> <SCRIPT>fix(original)</SCRIPT> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="pn"> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.25in" CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)"> Type <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Alias: </I>Type<BR /> <I>Data type: </I>String<BR /> <I>Width: </I>10<BR /> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="pn"> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.25in" CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)"> RMA <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Alias: </I>RMA<BR /> <I>Data type: </I>String<BR /> <I>Width: </I>30<BR /> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.2in" CLASS="pn"> <DIV STYLE="margin-left:0.25in" CLASS="ph2" onmouseover="doHilite()" onmouseout="doHilite()" onclick="hideShowGroup(this)"> RMZ <DIV CLASS="pe2" STYLE="display:none"> <I>Alias: </I>RMZ<BR /> <I>Data type: </I>String<BR /> <I>Width: </I>30<BR /> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <BR /> </DIV> </DIV> </BODY> </HTML>