BLM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

3D illustration of the novel coronavirus

The President’s Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce, and those interacting with us, requires all Federal employees, contractors, and others in Federal buildings and on Federal lands to wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures identified in the CDC guidelines. Mask up and help BLM continue to ensure continuity of service, meet the mission and serve our communities.  Do your part to ensure continuity of government services and put COVID-19 behind us.

While continuing to deliver essential services to the greatest extent practicable, the Bureau of Land Management is following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and working with state and local health authorities to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. We encourage visitors to contact or visit the website of their local BLM state or district office for the latest office hours and availability, which are subject to change as this situation evolves. Please follow recommendations from the CDC and your state and local health authorities before visiting your public lands to best protect yourself, BLM employees and our volunteers.

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Bureau of Land Management continues to closely monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect the health of those who live, work and visit our national parks and facilities, Face masks are required in all BLM-managed buildings and facilities. Masks are also required on BLM-managed public lands when physical distancing cannot be maintained, including narrow or busy trails, overlooks, and historic homes.

Recreating Responsibly

The CDC has noted that being physically active is one of the best ways to keep the mind and body healthy. In many areas, people can visit BLM-managed public lands as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and vitamin D, stay active, and safely connect with members of their household. Visitors should always research the location to visit in advance to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience. Park rangers are on duty to uphold normal rules and regulations and assist visitors as needed. The BLM encourages visitors to follow CDC guidance to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Recreate Responsibly, Recreate Safely Tips

  • Stay home if you don’t feel well or have recently been sick.
  • Follow guidance from local and state authorities, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Avoid heavily used or crowded trails, parking areas, and sites and seek dispersed recreation opportunities in your local area. Have a backup plan to avoid crowded high-use areas. If you find an area to be crowded, turn around.
  • Check with local offices for current conditions, including closures and changes in service, before visiting popular areas and visit for operating status updates.
  • Practice social distancing. Be considerate of others enjoying the outdoors by giving them as much space as possible in parking lots, at trailheads, and out on public lands.
  • Help prevent human-caused wildfires. Completely extinguish campfires by using the “drown, stir and feel” method. Don’t park on dry grass and ensure tow chains aren't dragging and tow straps are secured. Observe fire danger restrictions on BLM lands designated as high-risk early in this fire season. Follow fireworks restrictions and target shooting requirements at all times.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks while recreating to prevent overwhelming medical facilities.
  • Bring supplies for sanitation with you and pack out your trash. Facilities, including bathrooms and visitor centers may not be open or available for in-person contact.

Protecting Our Employees

Employees, volunteers, partners, and contractors are required to wear face masks while in federal buildings and on federal lands. The BLM issues protective equipment to employees performing critical functions. Following CDC guidance, BLM staff are cleaning and maintaining facilities to safeguard employee and public health and safety. We continue to follow the latest CDC guidance for risk assessment, disease prevention, and protection of public spaces and workplaces.

We continue to track confirmed employee cases of COVID-19 and recovery. However, we will only provide public information where an employee presented an exposure risk for the public based on CDC guidance. 

Changes in Operations

Some BLM programs may have changed their operations as well (e.g., extended due dates for reporting or applications, shortened hours of operation, changed contact information, etc.). Please check with your local office for details.

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