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NOTE: The BLM-Alaska website has tried to organize all of it's information into three categories: Programs, Information, and Resources. Programs correspond with all the different things the BLM does and manages. You will find for example energy information and recreation areas under this heading. Information houses our Newsroom, NEPA documentation and logs, laws and regulations that govern BLM and other helpful websites to update you on what we do and what we are working on. Resources are tools to help you learn more and any special national intiatives we are featuring. Information Centers, libraries, and helpful applications can be found under this heading.

Below is the BLM-Alaska site map. Ctrl or Command + F will allow you to search this page for specific words if you are having a hard time finding the information you need. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for on the BLM-Alaska website please contact the Webmaster and they will assist you.

Major Programs

Minor Programs


  • Newsroom - Find the latest news releases concerning BLM-Alaska.
  • Laws, Regulations and Policies- Learn about the things that govern BLM-Alaska. 
  • NEPA -(National Environmental Policy Act) Find NEPA logs and Environmental Assessment (EA) documents.
  • General Publications - The place to find the Frontiers newsletter, brochures, posters, scientific reports, and U.S. Bureau of Mines Reports.
  • Events- Learn about what's going on around the state on your BLM-Alaska public lands.
  • About BLM- Learn about BLM-Alaska and how it manages your public lands.
  • Directory - Addresses and phone numbers for all BLM-Alaska offices.
  • Service First - Partnership program with the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, National Park Service, and US Fish and Wildlife Service.


  • Environmental Education- BLM-Alaska has many education opportunities especially for children. Learn about Alaska's history, dinosaurs, animals and more.
  • Resource Advisory Council- The Resource Advisory Council (RAC) is a 15-member advisory panel which provides advice and recommendations to the BLM on resource and land management issues for 72.5 million acres of federal public land in Alaska. 
  • Public Room- Your BLM-Alaska Public Information Center website.  
  • Forms- Our forms central websote where you can find all those forms you need including permits for a variety of activities. 
  • Careers- What a career in the BLM? Here's where you can find out what jobs BLM offers. There's hundreds from computers, science, education and more! Check us out!
  • Volunteers- Volunteer with the BLm and help take care of your public lands for future generations. 
  • Take It Outside!- A BLM iniative to get children of all ages outdoors and enjoying the many opportunities their public lands have to offer as well on educating them about the environmental concerns for keeping them great. 
  • Alaska Resource Library Information System (ARLIS)- Library resource.

Websites for BLM offices

Alaska State Office