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Mining Information

Mining on Public Lands in Alaska

To find out what lands are available for mining, you must initiate and conduct your own research. The BLM-ASO PIC personnel can assist you with land status determination. However, the BLM-ASO PIC does not have Federal mining claim applications. Applications can be obtained from the State of Alaska or you can draft your own application.  If you use a State form to file a federal mining claim, please indicate (where applicable) that you are filing a federal claim.  You may file your mining claim application by mail or in person at the BLM-ASO PIC and pay your filing fee. If the land for which you are filing a mining claim is not available, your application will be rejected and your filing fee returned.  Currently, it costs $170 to file a single mining claim. Yearly maintenance fees are also assessed during the life of the mining claim. 

After establishing and paying for your initial mining claim, you may request a maintenance fee waiver if you and all related parties own 10 claims or less. To request a maintenance waiver, you must complete a Maintenance Fee Waiver Certification, which is available at the BLM-ASO PIC.  The Certification must be filed by September 1. You must also file an Affidavit of Annual Labor (also called an Affidavit of Assessment) by December 30. The Certification and the Affidavit must be timely received in order for the BLM to process your waiver request.

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