NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel

NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel Background

The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Subsistence Advisory Panel was established in October 1998 as part of the Northeast NPR-A Record of Decision. This decision document opened the Northeast area of the NPR-A to leasing and specified the parameters under which oil and gas exploration and development could occur in this area of the reserve.

The Northwest NPR-A Record of Decision, signed in 2004, expanded the purview of the Subsistence Advisory Panel to the Northwest part of the NPR-A, and it reaffirmed the SAP's important role in advising the BLM on how to minimize the possible impacts of oil and gas activities on subsistence activities. In the Northwest Plan, Required Operating Procedure (ROP) H-1 specified the types of interactions required by the lessee/permittee with the Subsistence Advisory Panel. These included: consulting with the SAP to discuss the timing, siting and methods of proposed operations before submitting an application to the BLM; submitting a proposed Plan of Operations early enough to allow for a through review by the SAP; and working with the SAP when creating a monitoring plan for permanent facilities during the development phase of operation.
The Northeast Supplemental Record of Decision (2008) replaced the 1998 ROD and included similar Required Operating Procedures to those found in the Northwest NPR-A.

In 2010, the SAP expanded its purview to include reviewing and disseminating information on scientific research projects in the NPR-A.

Since its inception, the SAP has made 155 recommendations to the BLM on ways to minimize impacts of oil and gas exploration and development on subsistence practices in and around the NPR-A.