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NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel

The NPR-A Subsistence Advisory Panel is comprised of seven representatives from communities on the North Slope. The panel makes recommendations to the BLM regarding issues, concerns, and possible impacts to subsistence resources or harvesting due to oil industry activities. The SAP also reviews and disseminates information on scientific research projects in the NPR-A.

Most SAP members represent the following local or regional Tribal Governments: Native Village of Nuiqsut, Naqsragmiut Tribal Council (Anaktuvuk Pass), Native Village of Atqasuk, Wainwright Traditional Council, Native Village of Barrow, Native Village of Point Lay, and the Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope. The North Slope Borough is the only municipal government represented by an SAP member. 

The SAP usually meets three times a year. These meetings, which are open to the public, tend to correspond with significant periods in the oil and gas industry’s yearly cycle of activity on the North Slope. Meetings are scheduled to avoid times of intensive subsistence activity such as spring or fall whaling.

This website includes agendas and minutes from the SAP's recent meetings, a brief history of the SAP (including a list of its recommendations to the BLM), and the SAP's current membership roster.

If you have any questions about the SAP, please contact us at

The Subsistence Advisory Panel in Wainwright, Alaska in April 2011
The Subsistence Panel held its April 2011 meeting in Wainwright, Alaska.

The SAP's next
meeting will be 
in June 2016

The SAP will hold its next meeting in Barrow June 1-2 at the North Slope Borough Assembly Chambers. A draft agenda will be available soon. 

To receive meeting notices, agendas, and summaries, please send a request to join the SAP email list to the SAP coordinator at

Documents and presentations are available upon request, and a CD with documents from all SAP meetings since 1998 can be mailed to interested parties.