Volunteering at the BLM

Thank you for your interest in becoming a BLM-Alaskan Volunteer. Volunteers make a difference in restoring the health of our public lands and providing needed services to users of our public lands. Individuals like your self and community organizations are actively involved in a broad spectrum of activities and jobs. Join us and the thousands of Americans who are making a difference in the future of the country's public lands by volunteering with the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska.

What Volunteers Do

BLM Volunteers are involved in a multitude of individual and group projects to care for public lands.


Volunteers serve as campground hosts in scenic areas like Paxson Lake and conduct orientation sessions for visitors at BLM's Coldfoot Visitor station on the Dalton Highway.

Anchorage volunteers' have repaired trails at the Campbell Tract Facility by removing obstacles such as fallen trees and filling in areas that have been damaged by erosion.

Energy and Minerals

Volunteers have helped BLM professionals with field inspections as well as updating mineral survey maps and computer data.

Archaeology and History

Volunteers locate, and record findings at remote archaeological sites. Anthropology student from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks have excavated the remains of archaeological sites and cataloged artifacts.

Botanical Inventories

Volunteers assist BLM professionals in conducting botanical inventories. Volunteers explored, documented, and collected data on many diverse habitats.

Administrative Support

Volunteers help with various administrative functions by sorting and routing mail, cataloging library books, answering telephones, and by assisting the general public in BLM offices.

Fish and Wildlife

Volunteers assisted BLM professionals in conducting breeding bird surveys. These surveys require mapping wetland areas and identifying different species of waterfowl. Volunteers have worked on sockeye salmon restoration areas and helped count young salmon as they migrated out of glacial lakes to the ocean.

 Environmental Education

Volunteers instruct grade school children in environmental education at the Campbell Creek Science Center. Volunteers conduct qualitative inventories of the terrestrial invertebrates and conduct water and plant surveys to determine different varieties of species located on Campbell Tract.

Work Experience

Volunteer experience may be helpful in meeting job experience requirements for new careers; You also meet new people and utilize your skills in a different work setting. Volunteering may also help students to meet school and college course requirements

Volunteer Projects

The volunteer coordinator attempts to match a volunteer's background and interest with available positions or projects.

Normally, a volunteer will be required to pay his or her own expenses to and from Alaska. (Expenses may be tax deductible, however, volunteers need to evaluate their specific situation.) Any additional daily living expenses while working as a volunteer will vary depending on the type of work assignment.

The outdoor work in the field may be hard, the conditions harsh and living quarters primitive. The project leader determines the nature of individual assignments.

Volunteer Quarters

We regret, the BLM-Alaska is unable to provide living quarters for volunteers in Anchorage. However, quarters for a limited number of positions are available in Fairbanks and Glennallen.

Links to Specific Volunteer Opportunities in BLM Alaska and Who to Contact

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the following:

Office and Mailing Address:Telephone:E-Mail:

BLM-Alaska Statewide Coordinator


Gene Ervine
Bureau of Land Management
Alaska State Office
222 West 7th Ave, #13
Anchorage, Alaska 99513


(907) 271-3342Eugene_Ervine@ak.blm.gov

Alaska State Office (ASO)
Federal Building


Tonyua Abrom
Belinda Coonrod
Bureau of Land Management
Alaska State Office
222 W. 7th Avenue, #13
Anchorage, Alaska 99513


(907) 271-5507
(907) 271-5066

ASO at the Campbell Tract Facility


Joe Burns
Bureau of Land Management
Alaska State Office
6881 Abbott Loop Road,
Anchorage, Alaska 99507-2599


(907) 267-1419jburns@ak.blm.gov

Anchorage Field Office (AFO) and
Campbell Creek Science Center


Luise Woelflein
Anchorage Field Office
6881 Abbott Loop Road,
Anchorage, Alaska 99507-2599

Anchorage Field Office Website

Campbell Creek Science Center Website
Volunteer Opportunities at the CCSC

(907) 267-1269lwoelfle@ak.blm.gov

Glennallen Field Office (GFO)


Glennallen Field Office
P.O. Box 147
Glennallen, Alaska 99588

Glennallen Website

(907) 822-3217Email

Joint Pipeline Office (JPO)


Charlene Van Meter
Joint Pipeline Office
411 West 4th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501


(907) 257-1346


Fairbanks District Office (FDO) /Kotzebue


Tom Edgerton
Northern Field Office
1150 University Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709


(907) 474-2223tedgerto@ak.blm.gov

Alaska Fire Service (AFS)


Veronica Belton
Alaska Fire Service
P.O. Box 35005
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 99703

AFS Website