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Volunteer Opportunities-lend a hand on public lands

Backyard Discoveries Program Volunteers

Volunteers can contribute to the Center’s natural resource collections, learn about local flora and fauna, and gain a greater appreciation for the importance of sound resource management based on accurate scientific information through a number of projects.

  • Plant Projects: The Campbell Creek Science Center houses a formal herbarium that’s almost entirely the work of Center volunteers. Volunteers collect, identify, press, mount, and catalogue plants for the herbarium. They also develop and maintain plant displays and keys that are used in educational programs at the Center. And they conduct on-going weed monitoring and removal projects.
  • Gardening Projects: Volunteers plan, plant, and maintain gardens in front of the Science Center building.
  • Insect Projects: Volunteers collect, identify, prepare, and catalogue specimens for the Center’s insect collection. Volunteers also help conduct both the annual 4th of July Butterfly Count and semiannual bioassessments of Campbell Creek and Little Campbell Creek. And volunteers create educational displays and mounts of insects.
  • Bird Projects: Volunteers help biologists track bird populations on the Campbell Tract. Bird banding operations happen in early fall.

Backyard Discovery Program volunteers…

  • Have academic backgrounds or strong amateur interests in the life sciences or natural history. 
  • Are willing to work outdoors in inclement weather and are able to endure moderate physical activity.

Interested? Contact Us!

Come help…

  • Monitor creek macroinvertebrate populations.
  • Count butterflies.
  • Band birds.
  • Collect insects and plants.
  • Mount pressed plant specimens.
  • Create educational mounts of specimens.


  • Collecting and surveys: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Creek biomonitoring: Spring and Fall
  • Mounting specimens: Year round