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School and Youth Programs-fully engaged learningSchool and Youth Programs-fully engaged learning

Scout Programs

Have fun in the outdoors while earning Scout badges! Take a look at the badge programs below and call us to plan an after-school, evening, or weekend adventure. Have other badge ideas? Our staff will work with you to meet the needs of your troop. For more information about each badge, see your scout program book, then give us a call to learn about our related programs.

Brownie Try-Its

  • Outdoor Adventurer
  • Watching Wildlife
  • Eco-Explorer
  • Plants
  • Earth and Sky

Junior Girl Scouts

  • Strategies for Outdoor Living
  • Frosty Fun
  • Finding Your Way
  • Earth Connections
  • Science Discovery
  • Wildlife
  • Your Outdoor Surroundings
  • Outdoor Fun
  • Outdoor Survival

Cub Scout Electives

  • Nature Crafts
  • Weather
  • Water and Soil Conservation
  • Maps

Boy Scout Merit Badges

  • Orienteering
  • Nature
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Geology
  • Bird Study
  • Insect Study