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School and Youth Programs-fully engaged learning

Sixth Grade Programs

Earth Ranger Academy
The ERA is a multi-day immersion in ecosystem science and exploration. The academy begins at school with pre-trip activities designed to sharpen observation skills and teach outdoor safety. Students then spend three days at the Science Center learning about ecological principles, exploring the outdoors, and collecting and analyzing scientific data. Students complete the ERA experience back in school and at home by practicing and sharing what they’ve learned with friends and family.

Forest Naturalists
Students explore ecosystem processes such as energy transfer, matter cycling, and interconnections between living things and the non-living environment in this single-day program. Students participate in sensory awareness activities and conceptual demonstrations within the natural forest ecosystem. In addition, students collect and analyze data through methods used by scientists.

Creekside Curiosities
Explore ecosystem concepts and connections by investigating the aquatic habitats and riparian areas of Campbell Creek. Students familiarize themselves with the stream ecosystem through sensory awareness activities and demonstrations. In addition, students collect and analyze data about riparian ecosystems.  

Energy Awareness Day
Discover what every Alaskan needs to know about energy through games, demonstrations, and discussions. Learn about forms of energy, sources of energy, and energy consumption and conservation.

Fire in Alaska
Through a variety of creative investigations, students explore the role of wildfire in Alaska. For a half-day program, choose the Ecosystems Focus to learn about the fire triangle, succession, and fire behavior in different ecosystems under a variety of conditions. Or choose the Fire Wise Focus to learn ways to prevent wildfire and protect homes from escaped wildfire. The full-day Fire in Alaska program includes both components.

Alaska Bird Academy
This cooperative venture between Audubon Alaska and the Campbell Creek Science Center teaches students about birds and the important role that birds play in ecosystems. Students observe birds in the field and learn to identify birds by sight and sound. Students also discover unique bird adaptations and gain an understanding of ways that people can help birds

Winter Survival
How can you survive in the sub-arctic environment of Alaska? Students learn about winter survival skills such as signaling to be found, assembling a survival kit, fire building, and digging a snow cave for shelter. Students also learn how to recognize and prevent hypothermia and the importance of outdoor clothing.

Avalanche Awareness
This full-day, hands-on program is designed to introduce students to concepts related to avalanche prevention, evaluation, and safety. Students find out about the four factors that contribute to avalanches, measure slope angles using an inclinometer, and learn about terrain and different kinds of snow with an avalanche board. Students also conduct instability tests on the snow pack and learn how to use an avalanche beacon.

Team Building
This experiential education program is a powerful and fun learning tool that can increase teamwork skills and participant self-confidence. Through a progression of fun, group-building activities including a low ropes course, participants practice and develop the skills of cooperation, communication, problem-solving, group support, and trust. This is a great way to jumpstart the school year or build camaraderie throughout the year. 

Special Annual Education Event: Outdoor Week
An Alaska 6th grade tradition! Each May, specialists from local agencies and organizations conduct this FREE one-day adventure with activities that explore forest ecology, insects, low-impact camping, geology, fly tying, gold panning, archaeology, water quality, and more. 

Additional Recommended Topics for Custom Programs
nature awareness and sensory exploration; tracking/animal evidence; Alaskan animal adaptations; insects; geology; bones and skeletons; plants; art of nature; snowshoeing; maps/orienteering