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School and Youth Programs-fully engaged learning

Fourth Grade Programs

Dynamic Earth
Hands-on activities engage young minds and demonstrate earth science concepts. Students learn how to identify minerals and investigate plate tectonics, glaciers, geologic time, and sedimentation. Students gold pan in a demonstration sluice box and learn the importance of land reclamation.
Creature Feature
Why do animals look the way they do? Through a variety of experiments and dramatic demonstrations, students become familiar with the concept of adaptations. Students use craft materials to design an arctic critter and explain how it is adapted to live in an arctic ecosystem. 
Fire in Alaska
Through a variety of creative investigations, students explore the role of wildfire in Alaska. For a half-day program, choose the Ecosystems Focus to learn about the fire triangle, succession, and fire behavior in different ecosystems under a variety of conditions. Or choose the Fire Wise Focus to learn ways to prevent wildfire and protect homes from escaped wildfire. The full-day Fire in Alaska program includes both components.
Alaska Bird Academy
This cooperative venture between Audubon Alaska and the Campbell Creek Science Center teaches students about birds and the important role that birds play in ecosystems. Students observe birds in the field and learn to identify birds by sight and sound. Students also discover unique bird adaptations and gain an understanding of ways that people can help birds
Winter Survival
How can you survive in the sub-arctic environment of Alaska? Students learn about winter survival skills such as signaling to be found, assembling a survival kit, fire building, and digging a snow cave for shelter. Students also learn how to recognize and prevent hypothermia and the importance of outdoor clothing.
Team Building
Here’s a great way to teach students the fundamentals of working effectively as a team. Experiential activities are designed to get students moving, cooperating, communicating, trusting, and problem-solving in positive ways. This is a great way to jumpstart the school year or build camaraderie throughout the year.
Special Annual Education Event: Water Discovery Days
This FREE water education festival is held every September on the banks of Campbell Creek. Students travel from station to station to learn about creek insect life cycles, adaptations, and habitats.
Additional Recommended Topics for Custom Programs
nature awareness and sensory exploration; tracking/animal evidence; Alaskan animal adaptations; creek study; insects; soil; bones and skeletons; plants; art of nature; snowshoeing; maps/orienteering