Campbell Creek Science Center
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NEW! Campbell Creek Science Center Videos

YouTubeAll videos are posted here as well as on the BLM-Alaska YouTube webpage . If you require Closed Caption (CC) versions of the videos, please visit our YouTube page otherwise transcripts are provided.

Featured: Campbell Creek Science Center Experience

The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center provides educational opportunities for adults, children, and families as well as meeting space for various groups. The Center offers students of all ages the chance to learn in the outdoor classroom. Visitors have access to creeks, forests, meadows, and a rich abundance of plants and wildlife. Our programs promote awareness, understanding, stewardship, and an appreciation for the natural environment. 

Hear what the public, our partners, and our Friends Group has to say about the Campbell Creek Science Center!

Campbell Creek Science Center ExperienceLearn about BLM's Campbell Creek Science Center and the great programs it has to offer!390649 Kb22.08.2012

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Take it Outside! - Connect with your public landsThe Bureau of Land Management(BLM) "Take It Outside" program promotes and supports outdoor activities and experiences of children on the public lands. The program strives to improve the health of our nation's children, families, and communities, while at the same time developing the next generation of public land stewards.366499 Kb22.08.2012

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Bioassessment of Campbell Creek BLM conducted a bioassessment of Campbell Creek. Learn more about the creeks ecosystem and the wildlife it sustains.11 Kb22.08.2012

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Bear facts about Bear SafetyGet the bear facts about Bear Safety. Campbell Tract is in the heart of Anchorage and is home to both black and brown bears. Be prepared and be aware while using the trails.351324 Kb22.08.2012

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Dress for SuccessAlaska's weather is unpredictable. Dress accordingly in Summer and in Winter. Let Brad show you how!303546 Kb22.08.2012

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