Taylor Highway

 Two campers prepare dinner on a campfire at the West Fork Campground.
 Campers at West Fork Campground
Camping along the Taylor Highway

The BLM maintains three campgrounds along the Taylor Highway. Campsites cost $10.00 per night and exact change (or check) is required.

West Fork Campground (MP 49)

This campground has seven pull-through spaces, 18 back-in spaces, and outhouses. A nearby small lake is often home to moose and trumpeter swans. Approximately one-quarter mile from the campground is the West Fork bridge, an access point for the Fortymile National Wild, Scenic and Recreational River.

View of Walker Fork Campground from across the river.  
Walker Fork Campground 
Walker Fork Campground (MP 82)

Eighteen sites, outhouses, and a picnic area occupy the site of what was once the Lassen airstrip. Year-round air service to this site eventually replaced the sleds that delivered equipment and fuel to mining camps on nearby Jack Wade Creek during the winter.


Eagle Campground (MP 160)

This campground has 18 sites and several outhouses within walking distance of historic Fort Egbert and the village of Eagle.

Camping on Public Lands

No permit or fee is required for short-term camping (less than 10 days in one location) outside of established campgrounds as long as such camping does not involve commercial activities.

While the vast majority of public lands in the Fortymile region are open to camping, a few special restrictions apply to public lands adjacent to the Fortymile National Wild, Scenic and Recreational River. Camping is prohibited at the following sites along the Taylor Highway:

  • Logging Cabin Creek Bridge, MP 43
  • West Fork Bridge, MP 49
  • Mosquito Fork Bridge, MP 64
  • South Fork Bridge, MP 75
  • Walker Fork Bridge, MP 82
  • Fortymile Bridge, MP 112
  • King Creek, MP 119
  • Columbia Creek, MP 124
  • Jack Wade Creek between Walker Fork Campground (MP 82) and Warner Creek (MP 92)