Steese and Elliott Highways

Know Before You Go!

  A recreation vehicle drives along a gravel portion of the Elliott Highway
 A recreation vehicle negotiates a gravel section of the Elliott Highway.
Sections of the Steese and Elliott highways have not yet been paved. Gravel sections are well-maintained and can be driven by two-wheel-drive vehicles. However, you may encounter tight corners, soft road shoulders, dusty or slippery conditions, commercial traffic, and road-maintenance equipment. Rocks kicked up by other vehicles can crack your headlights or windshield—slow down and keep your distance. Drive with your lights on to increase visibility in dusty or rainy conditions.

The State of Alaska maintains the Steese and Elliott highways year-round, but in winter the highways are periodically closed, sometimes for days at a time, by blizzard conditions at high passes and on exposed ridges. Anyone traveling these highways during the winter should be prepared for extreme cold, slippery road conditions, blowing and drifting snow, and other adverse conditions.

Limited Services

The Steese and Elliott highways traverse wild and scenic country, and basic services may be more limited than you are accustomed to. Go prepared!

We recommend that summer travelers carry:

  • one or two good spare tires mounted on rims
  • tire jack and tool kit
  • emergency flares
  • extra gasoline, oil and windshield cleaner
  • drinking water and food
  • emergency camping gear
  • first aid kit, insect repellent and sun screen 

Current Road Conditions

The Alaska Department of Transportation offers updated road condition reports at its Web site.