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Guidelines, Information and Safety

Alaska is a beautiful state and has much to offer when it comes to recreation but remember to be prepared for the unexpected. The weather can be unpredictable so bring gear and supplies in case of a emergency.


Plan your trip from start to finish before leaving home. Inform a responsible party of your itinerary, and where to call in case of an emergency. If you're camping or back packing please include a full account of who is in your party, where you are going, when you will be back, and the approximate location of each night’s campsite. Stick to the planned itinerary. Be familiar with the area of travel; use topographic maps and trail guides. Call ahead to find out about weather forecasts, permit requirements, regulations, and special considerations for the area. Check elevations and total distance to be traveled. Allow plenty of time to travel in rough terrain; plan your daily itinerary accordingly. Never travel alone—use the buddy system.

Think Before You Drink!

Only water from developed maintained systems at recreation sites is safe to drink. Open water sources are easily contaminated by human or animal waste. Treat water from rivers, springs, lakes, and ponds before drinking. Recommended treatment is to bring clear water to a rolling boil for five minutes.

In Case of Serious Injury

STOP IMMEDIATELY! Treat the injury if you can and make the victim comfortable. Send or signal for help. If rescue is delayed, make an emergency shelter and keep the victim as comfortable as possible. Don’t move until help arrives, unless remaining where you are poses danger. Use extreme care in moving the injured person. Do not attempt to move the victim if he or she has taken a significant fall, has lost consciousness, or if a head or spinal injury is suspected. Keep calm, reassure the victim, and document what you can about the nature of the injury and any changes you observe over time.

Cell Phone Coverage

While a cell phone may help in an emergency, do not rely on your cell phone. Cell coverage  outside established towns may be poor or unavailable. Be prepared to follow other recommendations to insure a safe trip.