Arctic Interagency Visitor Center

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visitor center entranceCircumpolar Roomexhibit gallery entrance
Lynx and hare dioramaDall sheep in Brooks Range galleryNorth Slope gallery
Boreal Forest drawertheaterTrip- planning room
bookstoreboulder gardennature trail

Two displays were commissioned to replace live plants that did not survive well. The Brooks Range gallery now has a miniature alpine flower garden, and the North Slope gallery features a tussock, a type of sedge that provides both food and shelter for animals. Gary Brees of Brees Studio fabricated and installed the displays in August 2012.

New Displays Installed!

 Plant display under construction
 Gary Brees at work.

 Brooks Range plant display
 Close-up of early summer alpine flowers (fabricated) and real rocks with lichen from Finger Mountain.


 Tussock display with lemming
 Gary created a collared lemming for the tussock display.