Brooks Range
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Dalton Highway

visitor center in front of Brooks Range peaks 

Arctic Interagency Visitor Center

What is the Arctic Circle? How long did it take to build the trans-Alaska oil pipeline? What is a pingo and where can I see one? Find out at this award-winning visitor center located in Coldfoot, Alaska. Explore the exhibits, walk the nearby nature trails, or take in an evening program to learn more about the special landscapes and history of the Far North.

The visitor center is a partnership between three federal agencies that manage the public lands along the Dalton Highway: the Bureau of Land Management (the Utility Corridor), the National Park Service (Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Yukon Flats, Kanuti and Arctic National Wildlife Refuges). The Alaska Geographic Association is our not-for-profit cooperating partner and operates the bookstore.

  • Open daily in summer 2015, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., from May 23 through September 7
  • Closed in winter
Contact Us:
  wolverine in Brooks Range gallery
 The exhibit gallery showcases northern Alaska's unique natural environments.
In summer
Arctic Interagency Visitor Center
P.O. Box 9079
Coldfoot, AK 99701

Phone: 907-678-5209 or 678-2014, FAX: 907-678-2005

In winter
Bureau of Land Management
222 University Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone: 907-474-2200 or 
toll-free 1-800-437-7021

Hot Off the Press!

The 34-minute version of the BLM's new film Arctic Visions & Voices: A Journey into Northern Alaska highlights the spectacular landscapes, seasonal extremes, and people who live and work along the Dalton Highway. 

The DVD may be purchased for $9.95 at the Visitor Center in summer, online from the Alaska Geographic Association, or call Alaska Geographic in Fairbanks (907-459-3710) or Anchorage (907-644-3661).

 Cover of Arctic Visions & Voices DVD