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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking on Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail.Mountain biking is a popular activity among Alaskans.

Many BLM-Alaska outdoor recreation trails offer excellent mountain biking opportunities:

  • The White Mountains National Recreation Area allows mountain biking along its trails, but be prepared for a challenge.
  • The Campbell Tract in Anchorage has 12 miles of outdoor recreation trails, and most are open to biking. Some of these popular trails connect to other trails managed by Anchorage Parks and Recreation, and offer excellent year-round opportunities for mountain biking enthusiasts.
  • The Denali Highway offers access to three trails that allow mountain biking: the 10-mile Swede Lake Trail, the 7.2-mile Osar Lake Trail, and the 4-mile Maclaren River Trail.

For more information on bike trails, contact the nearest BLM Office

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