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Summer Motorized Trails

Picture of ATV on trail

Off-highway vehicles, or OHVs, are increasingly becoming the most common mode of transportation used to reach remote areas in Alaska.  Most BLM-managed public lands allow OHV use, although in some cases OHV activities may have limitations, such as vehicle weight limits, seasons of use, designated trails, or even limits on the type of vehicle that may be used. 

Picture of ATV crossing stream.

While BLM recognizes that OHVs are a valid use of public lands, it is BLM's responsibility to balance this use with the protection of important resources as part of a comprehensive approach to land management.  Decisions about Travel Management are made through Land Use Planning and public comments.

In Alaska, BLM manages several popular summer motorized trails and areas.

  • The one-million acre White Mountains National Recreation Area is located north of Fairbanks, offers several developed motorized trails such as the 16-mile Quartz Creek Trail.
  • The Fortymile area has several trails that allow ATV use.
  • There are also several OHV trails off of the Richardson, Denali and Edgerton Highways.

 When riding the trails, please follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Stay on the trail to reduce damage to the surrounding area and resources. 
  • Share the trail with other trail users by respecting other types of use and modes of travel, such as hikers and mountain bikers.
  • Respect private property by staying on the trail easement when crossing private lands.

Remember to wear a helmet! 

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