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Hiker walking along Table Top Mountain TrailHiking Trails

Trails provide access to public lands for a wide variety of activities, such as bird and wildlife watching, hiking, biking, horseback riding, skiing and dog mushing.   

While most motorized trails allow multiple-use recreational activities, some BLM trails are managed for hikers and other non-motorized trail users who like to get away from it all. 

  • The 730-acre Campbell Tract offers an extensive non-motorized trail system in Anchorage that is used year-round by bikers, hikers, equestrians, and skiers.
  • The 27-mile Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail begins along the Steese Highway and traverses a ridgeline between Twelvemile Summit and Eagle Summit. This non-motorized trail offers views stretching from the Alaska Range to the Yukon Flats. 
  • The one-million-acre White Mountains National Recreation Area, north of Fairbanks, offers several non-motorized trails such as the 20-mile Summit Trail, the 5-mile Ski Loop Trail, and the 3-mile Table Top Mountain Trail.  In winter, this area has over 200 miles of multiple-use trails, including 12 public use cabins available by permit.
  • Along the Denali Highway there are numerous hiking opportunities, such as the 10-mile Swede Lake Trail, the 6-mile Dickey Lake Trail, several Tangle Lakes foot trails, the 6.2-mile South Landmark Gap Trail, the 7.2-mile Osar Lake Trail, and the 4-mile Maclaren River Trail.
  • The Edgerton Highway has two 17(b) easements that provide rewarding hiking experiences. The Tonsina River 17(b) easement (2 miles long) provides foot access to the lower Tonsina River. The Liberty Falls easement offers excellent but fairly steep hiking. It travels about one mile and provides excellent views of the Wrangell Mountains and the Copper River. 
  • The south Richardson Highway offers a combination of 17(b) easements and hiking trails: Poplar Grove, Mile 141, June Lake, Gillespie Lake, and Fish Creek. 

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