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Dog Sledding

Picture of dog team coming down trail.Dog mushing is the traditional Alaska winter transportation.  With the advent of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and other sled dog races, dogsledding has become a popular activity throughout Alaska. Dogsledding, the practice of a musher guiding a team of dogs pulling a sled over ice and snow, can serve many purposes. Whether it’s a casual run along public recreational trails, racing against competitors, or hauling supplies, public lands have much to offer.

In Anchorage, the BLM’s Campbell Tract has more than 12 miles of multi-use trails available to dogsledding.

The residents of Fairbanks must travel about an hour to reach public land in the White Mountain National Recreation Area, which boasts more than 200 miles of groomed trails. Take a break and stay at any of the 12 public use cabins while mushing in the recreation area, but first make reservations and acquire a permit by calling 907-474-2251.

When looking to dogsled in the Glennallen area, it is best to call BLM’s Glennallen Field Office at 907-822-3217 for directions for trails and conditions. 

Dog sleds are allowed on most trails unless posted closed to dog sled use.  Trail closures are usually for safety reasons, such as open water, or to protect the trail base for another activity such as skiing. 

For more information on dog sledding trails, contact the nearest BLM Office

Anchorage Field Office | Glennallen Field Office

Arctic Field Office | Central Yukon Field Office | Eastern Interior Field Office