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Alaska Scenic Driving Tours

Scenic mountains driving along Alaska's HighwaysDriving in Alaska can be an adventure with rewarding scenery, unexpected wildlife sightings, and the opportunity to see new country.  The best time to take a scenic drive is May-October when temperatures are warmer and driving conditions are generally favorable.

BLM-Alaska manages a number of campgrounds accessible from Alaska's scenic highways. You can find highway brochures at BLM field offices, the BLM Public Information Center in Anchorage, and online at our publications webpage.

Alaska has about 15,000 miles of roads, but less than 5,000 miles are paved. Be prepared when driving Alaska's highways and backcountry roads. Make sure you have a spare tire and a map, and check with BLM offices or Alaska State Troopers along the way for road closures.


Dalton  ♦  Richardson   ♦  Denali   ♦   Steese/Elliott   ♦  Taylor

Dalton Highway Steese and Elliot Highway Denali Highway Taylor Highway Richardson Highway Deadhorse Circle Livengood Fairbanks Delta Junction Paxson Tok Cantwell Eagle Anchorage Valdez Glennallen Scenic Highway map

Dalton Highway (414 miles)

Elliott Highway (73 miles)

Steese Highway (162 miles)

Denali Highway (136 miles)

Richardson Highway (Glennallen to Delta Junction 151 miles)

Richardson Highway (Valdez to Glennallen 115 miles)

Taylor Highway (161 miles)

Tok Cut-off (125 miles)