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Ring of Fire Proposed RMP and Final EIS

The complete Ring of Fire Proposed RMP and Final EIS dated July 2006 consists of three volumes which collectively are too large for many home computer systems to view via the Internet. Please refer to the "Dear Reader" PDF file listed below within Volume 1. Files which you may download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files are listed below. Some of these files are large and may take a while to download.

Ring of Fire Prorposed RMP and Final EIS cover

Link to Acronyms and Abbreviations used

Cover Volume 12221 Kb10/08/2010
Title Page Volume 132 Kb10/08/2010
Dear Reader Letter719 Kb10/08/2010
Abstract154 Kb10/08/2010
Executive Summary169 Kb10/08/2010
Index639 Kb10/08/2010
Table of Contents Volume 1425 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 1 - Introduction862 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 2 - Alternatives814 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 3 - Affected Environment4163 Kb10/08/2010
Cover Volume 22220 Kb10/08/2010
Title Page Volume 232 Kb10/08/2010
Table of Contents Volume 2324 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences1030 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Chapter 5 - Consultation and Coordination601 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Chapter 6 - Comment Analysis Report2738 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Chapter 7 - References699 Kb10/08/2010
Cover Volume 32219 Kb10/08/2010
Title Page for Volume 317 Kb10/08/2010
Table of Contents Volume 370 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix A - Figures201560 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix B - Glossary206 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix C - Laws, Regulations and Policies183 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix D - Required Operating Procedures, Stipulations and Standard Lease Terms31123 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix E - Generally Allowed Uses on State Land177 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix F - Special Management Area Objectives85 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix G - Mineral Poetential Report57049 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix H - Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Report126 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix I - Section 810 Analysis84 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix J - BLM Policy for Structure Protection96 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 3: Appendix K - Master Memorandum of Understanding between ADF&G and BLM1660 Kb10/08/2010
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