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BLM Planning & NEPA Schedule

Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement

Notice of Intent

Scoping Report

Notice of Availability

PRMP/FEIS Notice of Availability

Record of Decision

Bering Sea - Western Interior RMPJuly 19, 2013Spring 2014*TBDTBDTBD
Central Yukon RMPJune 14, 2013Spring 2014*TBDTBDTBD
Eastern Interior RMPFebruary 29, 2008December 2008March 3, 2012Summer 2014*Winter 2015*
Greater Mooses Tooth-1 Supplemental EIS August 16, 2013October 2013*November 2013* December 2013*June 2014*
National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska IAP/EISJuly 28, 2010October 2010March 22, 2012December 19, 2012February 21, 2013
East Alaska RMP/EISMarch 18, 2003July 2003April 2005 July 2006July 2007
Ring of Fire RMP/EISMarch 19, 2003 August 2003September 30, 2005August 2006March 2008
Kobuk-Seward Peninsula RMP/EISJanuary 30, 2004 August 30, 2004 May 5, 2006 September 28, 2007September 2008
Bay RMP/EISDecemeber 6, 2004June 2005 July 21, 2006 Nov 9, 2007 Novemebr 14, 2008
East Alaska RMP/EIS - Delta River EA AmendmentApril 10, 2008December 2008N/AN/AMarch 2013
Ring of Fire RMP/EIS - Haines Block Supplemental EIS AmendmentMarch 26, 2009April 2009December 13, 2012Spring 2014*TBD
Kobuk-Seward Peninsula - RMP/EIS Squirrel River EA AmendmentMay 13, 2010September 2011N/ATBD



About the Land Use Plans

Eastern Interior RMP

This land use plan encompasses the Steese National Conservation Area, the White Mountains National Recreation Area, the Fortymile National Wild and Scenic River Corridor, and the public lands in the Upper Black River subunit. The Notice of Availability for the Draft RMP/EIS was published on March 3, 2012. On January 11, 2013, BLM-Alaska announced the availability of a Supplement to the Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS The Supplement amended Alternative D of the Draft RMP/EIS to address hardrock mineral leasing in the White Mountains NRA. The public comment period on both the Draft RMP/EIS and the Supplement ended April 11, 2013. The Eastern Interior Field Office is currently analyzing public comment.

National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) Integrated Activity Plan/Environmental Impact Statement

The Final Integrated Activity Plan/ Environmental Impact Statement was issued in November 2012.  The Secretary of the Interior signed the Record of Decision on February 21, 2013.                   

Ring of Fire RMP – Haines Block Supplemental EIS Amendment

This land use plan amendment will consider whether portions of the Haines planning block meet the requirements for designation as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), whether to retain the Haines Block Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) designation, and to analyze the effects of aviation-supported guiding services with current Terms, Conditions, and Stipulations on each permit.  The Anchorage Field Office is currently awaiting final approval from WO 210 on responses to internal comments on the draft document.  The DEIS was released for public review in December 2012; the public comment period closed on March 14, 2013.  The BLM is currently reviewing public comments and intends to release a FEIS before the end of FY 2013.  

East Alaska RMP – Delta River EA Amendment

This land use plan amendment revises includes decisions for the Delta River Special Recreation Management Area. The Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), Decision Record (DR) and Approved Plan were signed on March 29, 2013.  Land use planning decisions are effective immediately.  Implementation decisions may be appealed within 30 days of BLM’s publication of notice in the Federal Register.  To date, the Federal Register notice has not been published.

Kobuk Seward Peninsula RMP - Squirrel River EA Amendment

This land use plan amendment will reevaluate the SRMA designation, define a travel management network, and make implementation level decisions addressing user conflict.  The Scoping Report is complete and available on the BLM-Alaska website.  The Draft RMP Amendment is currently being developed. 

Ring of Fire RMP - Campbell Tract Plan EA Amendment

This plan has been postponed for an underdetermined amount of time.

Central Yukon RMP

This land use plan will revise or replace all or portions of the Utility Corridor RMP ROD, signed in 1991; the Central Yukon Field Office RMP ROD, signed in 1986; and the Southwest MFP ROD, signed in 1986. The preplan was signed in April 2013.  The Notice of Intent to begin scoping was published in the Federal Register on June 14, 2013. 

Bering Sea-Western Interior (BSWI) RMP

The BSWI Planning Area encompasses approximately 62 million acres of land and includes all lands south of the Central Yukon watershed to the southern boundary of the Kuskokwim River watershed, all lands west of Denali National Park and Preserve and the divide of the Alaska Range to the Bering Sea, including Saint Lawrence, Saint Mathew, and Nunivak islands. Approximately 10.6 million acres of the Planning Area constitute BLM-managed public lands. Authors are currently assigned work on the AMS. Specialists will commence pending data collection required this summer field season. The NOI will be published this summer and Scoping will initiate late Fall 2013.


Other BLM-AK NEPA Efforts

Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Right of Way/ANILCA 810 Evaluation

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Alaska District and six cooperating agencies have prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Alaska Stand Alone Gas Pipeline (ASAP) Project.  The comment period on the draft closed May 2, 2012.  The BLM Central Yukon Field Office accepted written testimony on the ANILCA 810 subsistence evaluation through June 1.  The final EIS is tentatively scheduled for publication on August 17, 2012.

Hunting Guide Use Allocation

The Bureau of Land Management- Alaska is preparing a draft statewide Hunting Guide Capacity Study and environmental assessment to determine the appropriate numbers of commercial hunting guides per Alaska Department of Commerce Guide Use Areas.  The public scoping period will end September 9, 2012.  Coordination with Alaska DNR is on-going with their Guide Concession Program .   

AEA's Watana - Susitna Project

The project dam site would be located on the Susitna River southeast of Cantwell, Alaska.  Proposed access and transmission line routes extending from both the Parks and Denali Highway and the proposed reservoir along the Susitna River cross BLM-managed lands selected by the State of Alaska and Native Corporations for conveyance.  BLM Glennallen Field Office received an incomplete application from the Alaska Energy Authority for a right-of-way associated with the proposed Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric project, and has entered into a Cost Recovery Agreement that reimburses BLM for processing such applications. The project is currently in the two-year pre-application phase focused primarily on identifying data gaps and needs for the licensing phase.  BLM staff specialists are participating in four working groups which have been established to identify data gaps and needs.  AEA is expected to submit a license application to FERC in 2015.

Donlin Gold EIS

On April 9, 2013, the BLM Anchorage Field Office delivered the BLM’s scoping comments to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Donlin Gold Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  The proposed Donlin Gold Mine is located in the Kuskokwim basin in southwest Alaska.  The project would involve a remote, large open-pit operation located on Native corporation lands, powered in part by natural gas from a proposed pipeline across approximately 105 miles of BLM-managed lands.  The Corps is lead agency for the EIS; the BLM is a cooperating agency.  The BLM’s scoping comments include, but are not limited to, subsistence, cultural resources, socioeconomic issues, invasive species concerns, and Iditarod National Historic Trail segments near the project area.  The BLM will participate in the alternatives development process in late spring and early summer 2013.


DEIS/FEIS - Draft/Final Environmental Impact Statement

EA - Environmental Assessment

DR - Decision Record

N/A - Not Applicable

TBD - To Be Determined