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South National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska (NPR-A)

The Bureau of Land Management in Alaska is discontinuing preparation of the Integrated Activity Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for the South portion of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A). The South area contains about 9.2 million acres.

The BLM places great emphasis on public participation during land use planning and has listened carefully to the concerns of the people of Alaska’s North Slope. In consideration of these concerns and the practicality of energy development, the BLM is discontinuing the South NPR-A planning effort at this time.

Within the BLM’s community scoping meetings and the North Slope Borough’s community based planning report, the public expressed a high level of concern regarding potential impacts of oil and gas activity on subsistence resources, especially the Western Arctic Caribou Herd. The herd’s primary calving area is within the South NPR-A planning area.

BLM resource assessments indicate that the South NPR-A planning area contains limited oil reserves—approximately 2.1 percent of the undiscovered oil in NPR-A.

Although the area contains an estimated 27 percent of the NPR-A’s undiscovered gas reserves, there is no transportation system to move the gas to market.

South NPR-A map

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