Northeast NPR-A 1998 IAP/EIS

Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Final IAP/EIS 1998 Record of Decision.


Volume 1 Cover
Volume 1 cover of the Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska IAP/EIS 1998165 Kb21.09.2010
Abstract56 Kb21.09.2010
List of Acronyms331 Kb21.09.2010
Plan Summary260 Kb21.09.2010
Vol 1 TOC
Volume 1 Table of Contents654 Kb21.09.2010
Section 1
Introduction4244 Kb21.09.2010
Section 2
Alternatives17910 Kb21.09.2010
Section 3
Description of the Affected Environment65601 Kb21.09.2010
Section 4
Environmental Consequences39111 Kb21.09.2010
Volume 2 Cover
Volume 2 Cover of the Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska IAP/EIS 1998328 Kb21.09.2010
Vol 2 TOC
Volume 2 Table of Contents29 Kb21.09.2010
Section 5
Review and Analysis of Comments Received32457 Kb21.09.2010
Section 6
Consultation and Coordination295 Kb21.09.2010
Appendices TOC
Appendices Table of Contents39 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix A
Appendix A: Inventory and Monitoring274 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix B
Appendix B: Effects of Low Probability, High Effects Very Large Oil-Spill events2605 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix C
Appendix C: Endangered and Threatened Species Consultation1503 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix D
Appendix D: Section 810 of ANILCA, Findings and Evaluations1978 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix E
Appendix E: Proceedings of the Teshepuk Lake Area Caribou/Waterfowl Impacts Analysis Workshop18024 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix F
Appendix F: Northeast NPR-A Integrated Activity Plan EIS Subsistance Impact Analysis Workshop Proceedings1671 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix G
Appendix G: Wild and Scenic Rivers - Management Objectives and Standards and Assessment Process695 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix H
Appendix H: Visual Resource Management286 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix I
Appendix I: Inupiat People's History and Future with regard to the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) A 1997 Perspective from the North Slope Borough346 Kb21.09.2010
Appendix J
Appendix J: Draft IAP/EIS Commenters1521 Kb21.09.2010
Bibliography2332 Kb21.09.2010
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