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Kobuk-Seward Peninsula RMP/EIS

Planning Schedule

1) Initiate planning effort/scoping

Publish Notice of Intent, January 30, 2004
Public scoping meetings, March - April 2004
Scoping period ends, April 2004
Issue scoping report/planning criteria, August 24, 2004

2) Inventory and data collection

Gather and analyze new data, June 2003 - October 2004
Geographic Information Systems data collection and cleanup, October 2003 - December 2004
Data assessment and summary, October 2003 - December 2004

3) Formulate alternatives

Formulate alternatives, January - June 2005

4) Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Resource Management Plan

Write Draft RMP/EIS, May 2005 - January 2006
Publish Notice of Availability for DEIS/RMP in Federal Register, May 5, 2006
Public review of DEIS/RMP, May - August 2006
Public comment period ends, September 15, 2006
Analyze and prepare response to comments, September - February 2007

5) Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision

Publish NOA for FEIS/proposed RMP, September 28, 2007
Governor's consistency review begins, September 28, 2007
30-day protest period ends, October 29, 2007

Publish Notice of Availability for the Record of Decision and Approved RMP, September 4, 2008

 6) Implementation

Begin implementing the revised RMP, September 2008