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Kobuk-Seward Peninsula RMP

Permits Now Required for Squirrel River Transporters and Air Taxi Operators

The BLM’s management of the Squirrel River area is changing as the agency implements its recently completed Kobuk - Seward Peninsula Resource Management Plan. One management decision in particular will have a direct impact on those who transport clients onto BLM-managed public lands in the Squirrel River area.

In the new resource management plan (RMP), the BLM identifies two Special Recreation Management Areas (SRMAs): the Squirrel River and the Salmon Lake/Kigluaik Mountains. The RMP directs the BLM to prepare area-specific management plans, called step-down plans, for each of the two new SRMAs. In the case of the Squirrel River, the BLM has committed to completing the step-down plan within three years.

In the past, the BLM has not required transporters or air taxi operators to obtain permits for the Squirrel River; only commercial guides have been under permit in this area. However, this will change under the new RMP. Starting in early September 2008, and continuing until the BLM completes the step-down plan, commercial transporters and air taxi operators will be required to obtain a Special Recreation Permit for transporting clients onto BLM-managed public lands in the Squirrel River SRMA. Instructions for obtaining a Special Recreation Permit may be obtained from any BLM office or downloaded from this Web site.

One point needs be made very clear—at this time the BLM is not placing limits on how many individuals may be transported into the Squirrel River SRMA. That issue will be addressed in the step-down plan, and you will have an opportunity to provide input into the BLM’s decision.

Should you disagree with this decision to require Special Recreation Permits for Squirrel River transporters and air taxi operators, you have the right to file an appeal. Please be aware that you must file your appeal within 30 days of the September 4, 2008 Notice of Availability for the Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Record of Decision and Approved RMP. Appeal forms are available from this Web site or from your local BLM office.

The BLM wants to make all users of BLM-managed public lands aware of the new changes accompanying our completion of the Kobuk-Seward Peninsula RMP. We hope you understand the reasons for these changes and that you will continue to work with us as we develop the step-down plans for the Squirrel River SRMA.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shelly Jacobson by telephone at (907) 474-2356 or by e-mail at

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