Kobuk-Seward Peninsula RMP

Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Record of Decision and Approved Management Plan

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Document Cover (317 KB)

Record of Decision (213 KB)

Approved Resource Management Plan (315 KB)

General Location Map (935 KB)

Appendix A:  Required Operating Procedures (155 KB)
Appendix B:  ROS Classifications for Special Recreation Management Areas (61 KB)
Appendix C:  State's Generally Allowable Uses (OHV Designations) (46 KB
Appendix D:  BLM Alaska Land Health Standards
Appendix E:  Crucial Fish Habitats or Key Streams within the Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Planning Area (65 KB)
Appendix F:  Memorandum of Understanding for the Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group and Western Arctic Caribou Herd Cooperative Management Plan (595 KB)
Appendix G:  Acronyms (11 KB)

Appendix H:  Maps

Map 1. Land Status (1.4 MB)
Map 2. General Relief and Geographic Features (2.4 MB)
Map 3. Municipal Water Sources (1.4 MB)
Map 4. Mount Osborn ACEC (560 KB)
Map 5. Western Arctic Caribou Herd ACEC (3.1 MB)
Map 6. Nulato, Shaktoolik, Ungalik, and Inglutalik ACECs (2.0 MB)
Map 7. Crucial Fish Habitat (936 KB)
Map 8. Lakes Likely Containing Arctic Char (900 KB)
Map 9. Lands for Retention (1.4 MB)
Map 10. Grazing Allotments (871 KB)
Map 11. Fluid Leasable Mineral Management (1.4 MB)
Map 12. Locatable Mineral Management (401 KB)
Map 13. Summary of Mineral Management (1.4 MB)
Map 14. Squirrel River Special Recreation Management Area (1.1 MB)
Map 15. Salmon Lake-Kigluaik Special Recreation Management Area (1.3 MB)
Map 16. OHV Designations (980 KB)
Map 17. Summary of OHV Designations, SRMAs and ACECs (1.3 MB)
Map 18. 17(b) Easements and Winter Routes (1.3 MB)
Map 19. BLM-Alaska Sensitive Plant Species (1.2 MB)
Map 20. Visual Resource Management (1.2 MB)
Map 21. Western Arctic Herd Caribou Distribution (534 KB)
Map 22. Western Arctic Herd Caribou Migration Routes (242 KB)
Map 23. Threatened, Endangered, and Candidate Species Distribution (362 KB)