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Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Proposed RMP/Final EIS

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KSP PRMP/FEIS documents

Cover (380 KB)
Dear Reader Letter (506 KB)
Abstract (28 KB)
Executive Summary (230 KB)
Table of Contents, Volume 1 (50 KB)
Table of Contents, Volume 2 (70 KB)
Table of Contents, Volume 3 (22 KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (591 KB)
Chapter 2: Alternatives (596 KB)
Chapter 3: Affected Environment (1.7 MB)
Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (1.0 MB)
Chapter 5: Consultation and Coordination (396 KB)

Appendix A: Standard Oil and Gas Leasing Terms, Oil and Gas Lease Stipulations, and Required Operating Procedures (877 KB)
Appendix B: ACEC Comparison Tables (564 KB)
Appendix C: SRMA Comparison Tables (209 KB)
Appendix D: ANILCA Section 810 Analysis of Subsistence Impacts
(657 KB)
Appendix E: BLM Policy for Structure Protection (187 KB)
Appendix F: Master Memorandum of Understanding between ADF&G and BLM (1.7 MB)
Appendix G: Generally Allowed Uses on State Land (54 KB)
Appendix H: Crucial Fish Habitats or Key Streams within the Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Planning Area (191 KB)
Appendix I: Recreation and Visitor Services Market Analysis for the Kobuk-Seward Peninsula Planning Area (356 KB)
Appendix J: Response to Comments (6.1 MB)

Acronyms (28 KB)
Glossary (477 KB)
References (1.0 MB)

Chapter 1 maps

Chapter 2 maps


Chapter 3 maps

Appendices maps

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