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Eastern Interior Planning Area

   Map of the Eastern Interior Planning Area
The BLM is currently preparing a Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Eastern Interior Planning Area. The planning area is 6.7 million acres of public land including the White Mountains National Recreation Area, the Steese National Conservation Area, and the Fortymile area. In addition, it will cover BLM lands in the upper Black River and the greater Fairbanks area that are currently not included in an existing land use plan.

The Eastern Interior RMP will establish goals and objectives for managing resources, and will outline the measures needed to achieve those goals and objectives. It will identify lands available for certain uses, along with any restrictions on those uses, and will identify lands closed to certain uses.


 Implementation of Final RMP/EIS

  Record of Decision

 Notification of Proposed RMP/Final EIS

  Publication of Proposed RMP/Final EIS

 Public Comment Period on DRAFT RMP/EIS

     Notice of Availability of Draft RMP/EIS

Public Scoping

  Notice of Intent

The Eastern Interior RMP is has completed the Notification and Publication of Proposed RMP/Final EIS step in the NEPA process


The Eastern Interior RMP/EIS is being developed using the BLM's ePlanning system. The Draft RMP/EIS, released on February 24, 2012, is available for public comments through July 23, 2012. An interactive version allowing allows users to submit comment online is available on the Eastern Interior RMP ePlanning Web Page.