East Alaska Resource Management Plan Cover.  East Alaska Proposed Resource Management Plan

The East Alaska Proposed RMP/Final EIS was released in June of 2006, followed by a 30-day protest period. Three protests were received (from Alaska Coalition, City and Borough of Yakutat, and Yakutat-Tlingit Tribe).  BLM sent a formal response to each protest.  No significant changes were made to the plan as a result of these protests. The State of Alaska protested the RMP through the Governor’s Consistency Review and asked the BLM to revoke the entire withdrawal on the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline/utility corridor to allow those lands to be conveyed to the State. The State and the BLM were able to resolve the Governor’s Consistency Review without taking it through the formal appeal process to the BLM Director in Washington, D.C. The Record of Decision will be signed in July of 2007 and posted in the Federal Register.  The ROD/Approved RMP contains route designations that are implementation decisions that may now be appealed in accordance with appeal provisions found in 43 CFR 4.4.

Summary of Changes from Draft to Final148 Kb10/08/2010
Coversheet Volume 122 Kb10/08/2010
Dear Reader Letter949 Kb10/08/2010
Abstract798 Kb10/08/2010
Executive Summary898 Kb10/08/2010
Table of Contents371 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 1 - Introduction1184 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 2 - Alternatives4441 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 3 - Affected Environment7068 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences2969 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 1: Chapter 5 - Consultation and Coordination382 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix A - Special Recreation Management Area Comparison Tables723 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix B - ACEC and RNA Comparison Tables633 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix C - Required Operating Procedures and Stipulations459 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix D- Species List538 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix E- ANILCA Section 810 Analysis313 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix F- Public Involvement Opportunities101 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix G - Laws, Regulations, and Polices81 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix H- Recreation Benefits Based Planning746 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix I - Wild and Scenic River Elidgibility and Suitability411 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix J - Response to Comments7796 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Appendix K - MOU between State of Alaska and BLM163 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Acronyms250 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Glossary233 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: Index332 Kb10/08/2010
Volume 2: References364 Kb10/08/2010

East Alaska Resource Management Plan Maps

01  Planning Area Land Managers21  Areas Open to Oil and Gas Leasing and Mineral Entry Alternative B41  Trumpter Swans Nesting Sites
02  Planning Area General Land Status22  Areas Open to Oil and Gas Leasing - Alternative C42  Anadromous Rivers and Streams
03  Travel Management Areas - Alternative C23  Areas Open to Mineral Entry - Alternative C43  EARMP Planning Regions
04  Travel Management Areas - Alternative D24  Areas Open to Oil and Gas Leasing - Alternative D44  Transportation and Utilitiy Corridor
05  Delta River SRMA-Alternatives C and D25  Areas Open to Mineral Entry - Alternative D45  Fire History 1950-2002
06  Gulkana River SRMA - Alternatives C and D26  Areas Open to Mineral Entry and Oil and Gas Leasing Alternative D - Bering Glacier RNA46  Wildland Fire Management Options
07  Denali Highway SRMA - Alternative C27  GPSed Trails ANCSA 17(b) Easements, and State-recognized R.S. 2477 Routes47  Fuel Types
08  Tiekel SRMA Alternatives C and D28  State Game Management Units48  Productive Commercial Timber Stands
09  Delta Range SRMA - Alternatives C and D29  Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Classes49  Areas Affected by Beetle Kill Infestation
10  Delta Bison Calving ACEC - Alternative C30  Soil Associations50 Pysiographic Regions
11Nelchina Caribou Calving ACEC - Alternative C31Available Alaska Earth Cover Classification51  Mineral Terranes and Producing Placer Districts
12West Fork ACEC - Alternatives C32Black and Grizzly Bear Habitat52  Coal Fields
13Bering Glacier RNA Alternatives C and D33Bison Habitat53  Oil and Gas Plays and Occurance Potential
14Primary Trumpeter Swan Breeding Habitiat34Caribou Habitat54  Delta River SRMA - Recreation Management Zones
15Visual Resource Management Classes - Alternative B35Dall Sheep Habitat55  Denali Highway SRMA - Recreation Management Zones
16Visual Resource Management Classes - Alternative C36Mountain Goat Habitat56  Gulkana River SRMA - Recreation Management Zones
17Visual Resources Management Classes - Alternative D37Moose Habitat57  Tiekel SRMA - Recreation Management Zones
18Revocation of Portions of PLO 5150 - Alternative D38Bald Eagle Breeding and Nesting Habitat58  Eligible Rivers Denali Highway Area
19Areas Open to Oil and Gas Leasing - Alternative A39Duskey Canada Goose Breeding and Nesting Habitat59  Eligible River Segments Tiekel Region
20Areas Open to Mineral Entry - Alternative A40Habor Seal Habitat60  Eligible River Segments Bering Glacier Region